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Wrap up MIX 2010 Keynote

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First, the situation where big players and others (UFC/McDonalds/NCAA/AP/Dell etc.) are beginning to adopt Silvelight is known. It addition, Silverlight 4 will be supported by Google Chrome.  Moreover, in Contact of Windows Phone, Facebook and Twitter is supported and the interesting demonstration was performed by the conference.  Windows Phone supports Silverlight and the function of Zune is included in there.  Furthermore, the development of Windows Phone can be performed using Visual Studio and Expression Editor. Regarding details, please find below messages and links.


So, windows phone 7 – what cool stuff have you seen? Here’s a preview: Windows Phone 7 demo shows cross platform game coding, playing
A CNET slideshow of some early Windows Phone applications being shown today at
is about to start at
some SIlverlight enabled sites like UFC and McDonalds
talking about Silverlight, intro’ed two years ago,and is being used by Victorias Secret, UFC, McDonalds, and later NCAA March Madness
Silverlight being used by several companies like AP and Dell
Silverlight is now on 60% of all internet connected devices. Impressive.
Whoa, way cool! Code to power the olympic player is Open Source.
Silverlight 4 will launch with Multicast Streaming, Webcam support, and more
Google Chrome support confirmed for Silverlight 4!
Coming on stage, Raji Arasu and Dave Wolf of eBay are here to talk how they use Silverlight.
Microsoft open sources Media Framework used for the Olympics:

<Windows Phone>

Today Microsoft is launching developer tools for Windows Phone.
Every Windows Phone 7 Series device is a Zune
Every WP7 is a Zune by default, kind of expected, but nice to hear
SIlverlight app, AP Mobile Experience – mobile news reader segmented by categories, headlines, shared stories
Windows Phone 7 Series has native support for Facebook and Twitter for your contacts

<Visual Studio>

Scott shows how to write an app for windows phone 7 using visual studio and blend
Announcing KharaPos, a Silverlight 4/RIA Services/.NET4 exemplar app. currently demos basic RIA Services
Multi-touch Windows 7 monitors/laptops enable multi-touch in the developer emulator.
This is how Microsoft will get back into the Mobile game
Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone-

Please find details at below:

MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_1
MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_2
MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_3


As for interoperability, becoming the essential important matter in PaaS?

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Cat Ray1

February 23, Tech-Days 2010 opened by Hotel Ground Pacific in Toyo.  Everyone was surprised to the message video of Ray Ozzie being screened in the opening of conference. Ray Ozzie, through this message video, fascinated the most people who get together in the meeting place. The fact that Ray Ozzie builds is the big result, Windows Azure.  In 2008 spring, what he declares with MIX is propulsion of the cloud. Furthermore, the fact that he entrusts is in the future of the enormous organization, Microsoft.  Ray Ozzie improved Windows Azure, and reformed also organization itself.

If with this message video, the impressive part is extracted, it becomes speech below, probably will be.
”We realize the wave of the reactivation which it visits in IT industry.” But, such a cute message, is dispatched to imitation, it can presume that there was very hardship. Because, by the fact that Windows Azure is propelled, the business model of big business Microsoft is changed.  Therefore, as for Ray Ozzie needing, to persuade the boards of directors of the carrier which is longer than him was.

From Microsoft’s Creative Destruction (Dick Brass) which is published to New York Times, the fighting where it can force Ray it is and can presume easily. In addition, by the fact that the interview of Gartner is read, we understand the circumstances to which he educates the engineers who cannot use professional service. And now, Ray Ozzie, between several opensource products and Windows Azure, has been about to actualize interoperability. That, rather than saying, that the policy of from the past Microsoft is modified, is the attempt which throws away the rule of the company, is the road which everyone avoids.

Story changes, but as for “P” of PaaS, in other words the concept of Platform in the cloud, sooner or later that is a point which you say somewhere whether it is gathered and summarized. Conclusion of that time became that it probably is unreasonable, however, an opinion agreed concerning the point that, it is interoperability, as the important primary factor of “P.”

Furthermore, between .Net Service Bus and  AppFabric, there is no great difference, and when it had the rough way of speaking, the different recognition also of the point that it is a name corresponded.  That is, Ray Ozzie’s thinking will be wiping out the name of .Net. Of course, as technology. Net is healthy and, even from this, it keeps being called with the name, probably will be. But, the fact that it is PaaS to which Windows Azure has interoperability is symbolized, unless .NET is suitable as a general term of the service bus, it can presume that Ray Ozzie thinks. As for the reason of this name modification, you see other than that and do not hit.

The fact that Ray Ozzie aims probably is the heterogeneous conversion of Windows Azure. Until you say, typical case of the hetero cloud is Amazon AWS, without, but that layer is IaaS. And, the seat of hetero PaaS has been less crowded. In other words, Amazon AWS aims toward hetero IaaS, Windows Azure aims toward hetero PaaS.  Such a trend is visible, faintly. That way when you thought, in these both the arm where may be a possibility of coexisting it does. And, it was announced on February 22nd of American time, it seems the cross license regarding the patent between both and that coherence meets. The hetero cloud is strengthened, how in addition, would like to keep observing whether how it spreads.


Where does Ray Ozzie lead Microsoft?

Worldwide Weekly – Mar.13

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How Cloud Computing is Changing SOA
The larger issue here is that the focus on cloud computing as architectural options within an SOA is indeed changing SOA, and the technology we employ.
Microsoft to Discontinue EBS SYS-CON Media (press release)
Cloud offers greatest benefits to traditional enterprises Rackspace
Funambol Details How "Free" Mobile Apps and Services Can Be Profitable SYS-CON Media (press release)
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World Tech Update: 3D TV, Cloud Computing, and Apple iPads
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gives his thoughts on cloud computing, the Apple iPad launch date is announced, and Final Fantasy XIII goes on sale.

HP’s cloud security guru to enterprises: Tread carefully
Archie Reed, HP’s chief technologist for cloud computing security, says enterprises need to understand exactly what cloud
How safe is cloud computing? CNN
Don’t look down: The path to cloud computing is still missing a few steps
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CA grabs Nimsoft for its cloud computing lineup
Reuters reports that former Google China chief Kai-Fu Lee considers cloud computing an opportunity for China to finally get off the ground in software
CA’s Nimsoft Buy Returns Quick Money To Goldman Sachs, Two VC Firms Wall Street Journal
CA Grabs Nimsoft
CA to buy Nimsoft for $350m ITWeb

Google Apps needs more Canadian cloud computing resellers
This makes it easy for businesses to move their solutions to the cloud. But Cho said for many partners, the cloud computing space is something that’s new to
Should You Do Business in the Cloud? Entrepreneur
Top WH tech official: Federal agencies could compute in cloud, too The Hill (blog)
Obama’s $79 Billion Tech Plan May Favor Web Programs BusinessWeek
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Linux summit dissects MeeGo
This year’s event features a full-day workgroup on MeeGo, as well as Linux sessions ranging from cloud computing to desktop distros to open source
Linux is the cloud’s future: IBM Canada IDG
Linux Foundation Announces Keynotes for Exclusive Collaboration Summit Marketwire (press release)
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Announcing Structure 2010, Our Internet Infrastructure & Cloud Computing
No Comments Two years ago, we launched Structure, our conference devoted to Internet infrastructure and cloud computing.

Cloud computing company opening Austin office
A Web cloud computing application maker is opening an Austin office as part of a national product roll-out. Dulles, Va.-based IceWeb Inc. (OTCBB:IWEB) also
IceWEB Solidifies National Channel Rollout MarketWatch (press release)
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Google Apps Marketplace Launches as New Cloud Computing Store
This will provide third-party software developers a larger cloud computing channel into which to sell their applications. The move, announced during a
Google App Marketplace Could Revolutionize Cloud Computing Walyou (blog)
NetSuite to Launch as First Mid-Market Cloud Computing ERP Suite for Google PR Newswire (press release)
NetSuite to launch cloud computing enterprise resource planning suite for Trading Markets (press release)
SlashGear (blog)

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Cloud Computing Seen to Boost Asian Data Centers
The year may be propitious in bringing back some growl to a region once famed for its "Asian Tiger" economies, if the growth of Cloud Computing continues to
Cloud a springboard for Asia data centers ZDNet Asia
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Worldwide Weekly – Feb.20

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Where does Ray Ozzie lead Microsoft?

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What does Ray Ozzie consider?

Ray Ozzie

Do you remember the keynote of Microsoft Professional Developer Conference(PDC) 2009 held in Los Angeles in November, 2009?  In this keynote, Rey Ozzie who is CSA (Chief Software Architect: president software designer) of the company explained the situation and plan of Windows Azure. It is orderly logic so that it may be usual, and it seems to have obtained an understanding of audiences. However, he sent the message to collaborate with open source products. It surprised all the people and made vague expectation hold.

The following logos are projected on the screen of a PDC keynote. Then, Ray Ozzie invited Matt Mullenweg of WordPress on the stage. And, there was the demonstration which deploys WordPress to Windows Azure. In the demonstration of this WordPress, it is displayed to the message that MySQL and Apache are prepared for the polite thing. Where is Rey Ozzie’s intention?

OSS logos

For the leaders of the company to send a certain message about a theme called the open source in Microsoft which everyone’s has watched interestingly is that it is very exceptional. Steve Ballmer visited Japan early in November, and played the keynote speaker of Microsoft Developer Forum. However, he did not touch on an open source at all.

On the other hand, the engineers of the company are seen as if they were asking for interoperability with an open source. First, PHP SDK for Windows Azure in Codeplex was announced around May, last year. It is an open source project which ties up PHP developers and Windows Azure, and is a part of the interoperability which Microsoft commits. Then, Azure Team announced Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse late in October in front of PDC. Furthermore, Simon Davies introduced Ruby on Rails, as an open source project on Windows Azure late of November.

Here, I will return to the PDC keynote of Ray Ozzie. He projected the above mentioned logos on the screen, and hinted TomCat running on the demonstration of WordPress. However, he is not explaining positioning of those open sources in Windows Azure Platform. Furthermore, Codeplex which is an open source repository, and each engineers’ blog are private for Microsoft. That is, although the pliability of Windows Azure was proved by engineers, this directivity may tone down.

The great transformation of Microsoft

I think that there are three big points of argument in present Microsoft. 1) Microsoft should maintain the present profit profile which consists of software package products. 2) The company should make the new profit profile which consists of on-line services. 3) The company should make public cloud who cooperated with the open source. The last one is an excessive actual theory. Needless to say, the pillars of the profit of Microsoft are packages, such as a Windows client, Office, Windows Server and SQL Server. And it seems that the sales by on-line services, such as BPOS, are less than 1% of the whole.


Should Microsoft be converted into the business centering on service in such a situation?  Is essentially this conversion required?  Probably, the leaders of Redmond have repeated such self-question answering themselves like every day. However, the user is honest. And the market is cool. Remember the determination of a Los Angeles city at the end of last year. In this city, as a result of examining 14 kinds of candidates about the application with which 34,000 city personnel are provided, Google Apps was chosen. Microsoft Office is given to the personnel engaged in creative work. And Google Apps can be given to a great portion of personnel.

If you are an employee of Microsoft which lives in a Los Angeles city, is judgment of such administration refuted?  Probably, applause should be sent from a taxpayer’s position. And commoditization of IT is not having restricted to administration and there is same tendency also in private enterprises. Remember that the news that the Panasonic group shifted to Lotus Live enlivened the space of each media even in Japan. That is, when a large-scale organization provides all the personnel with PC, the user corresponding to the price of Windows 7 or Microsoft Office will become a minority group.

The price of Windows 7 Ultimate in the United States is 319.99 dollars, and the price of a notebook PC called Mini10 of DELL which run Ubuntu is 299 dollars. The leaders of Redmond should face this reality squarely. An organization like a Los Angeles city gives the personnel PC of 300 dollars or less, is paying Google the countervalue of a small sum, and will complete the investment of most. As everyone knows, the measure of the profitability of an enterprise system is the cost effectiveness. Therefore, all the enterprises take in cloud computing and Microsoft is also following in footsteps using Azure.

Observe the keynote of Tech-Days 2010 in Tokyo

Is charm felt for this company if Microsoft does not have Windows Azure?  If such a question is carried out, most people will answer it as no. Windows Azure is expected as a pillar which bears the future of Microsoft. However, if interoperability with an open source is not taken in when promoting cloud computing, the market size will be restricted by itself.  The idea of Ray Ozzie and members of Azure team is removing old restrictions of all Microsoft products and accepting an open source.

Tech-Days 2010 will be held in Tokyo at next week. You should observe the message about interoperability with an open source in the keynote. The future of Windows Azure and Microsoft should be able to be divined by whether it is forward or retreated compared with PDC.

Akihiro Oba who’s an officer of Microsoft and Developer & Platform Director will be on the keynote stage. From Redmond, Steve Marks, the technical strategist for Windows Azure, will participate as a demonstrator. The logo of the open source camp which Ray Ozzie showed by PDC should be shown once again. Many people desire explanation about the open source correspondence for these three months.

James Hamilton who wrote the paper which was excellent about the container data center has pointed out private cloud’s nonsensicalness by the own blog just recently (Private Clouds Are Not The Future). For example, there was no vendor which is easier to sell the imperfect product like a private cloud construction kit than Microsoft. However, Microsoft has raised Azure, without carrying out it. I wish Microsoft making public cloud successful.

Also for the reason, Microsoft should tell a Japanese developer and a Japanese user Rey Ozzie’s message, the necessity of interoperability with an open source. It does not only remain in Japan, but becomes the voice which support Rey Ozzie who promotes an unprecedented great transformation, and should be fed back also to Redmond.

Microsoft of Japan should support your wonderful chief architect strongly. It will be allowed even if an outsider like me approves of the message which the chief architect of Microsoft emitted.

Cloud Computing Battle in Japanese Government : It is not a Joke [ #scloud #openmeti ]

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) began to invite a public comment last week using Twitter( #scloud ).  As everyone knows, MIC has much administration functions including local government offices. Therefore, the study group for realizing the design named Smart Cloud is already launched in their inside.  The member consists of several scholars, the Tokushima governor, FUJITSU, NTT, IBM Japan, Nihon Unisys, NTT DATA, KDDI, Internet Initiative Japan, Hitachi, NEC, Intel, and Nomura Research Institute.

The propriety to the open source was mainly discussed by the above-mentioned Twitter. That is, it is contrast of the idea which asks for protection of a domestic vendor, and the idea which searches for the productivity for a user. Of course, although the conclusion has not come out, I think that there was a significant argument.

And the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) began to invite a public comment on several using Twitter ( #openmeti ). Several persons including me sent the question why two government offices could not cooperate.  METI has answered "Since we prepare a platform, MIC should approve" to the question. Furthermore, it was said proudly that a 100 million yen budget was added up for this purpose.

Wait just for a moment!  I want to say that it is national cash. Whether MIC will agree or dissent, it is uncertain. Does METI need to appropriate a large amount of budget for such a plan so much?  Although many people have emitted the same question, METI has not answered.

There were two announcements today also. One is a thing from MIC, and the verification for cloud computing for 400 local government offices is referred to as beginning from April. Another is a thing from METI who announced their Online Policy Council of Citizens in English.

However, signs of talking between METI and METI are not visible.

Although both are conscious of the word of being open, aiming at cloud computing, however, there is only the un-open policy in the government.

Major newspaper publishing companies should know such a situation. However, they are keeping silence. 

It was proved that politics and journalism do not exist in Japan.

It is not a joke.

Worldwide Weekly – Feb.12

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Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs

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Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs. It entered by the end of this month, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and each prefecture announced the plan about local government cloud deployment. They show the very useful system on condition of sharing of resources, and are what should be welcomed. However, there is no perfect policy etc. anywhere. Therefore, media need to point out a problem and need to make people think.

I was surprised for me to read the report of Nikkei. It is because the question from media or problem institution do not exist there at all. Japanese people call their country Galapagos masochistically about the market of a cellular phone. Although it is wrong to criticize only media, it cannot be denied that they are also responsible.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will perform the hearing about cloud to people. About it, post is due to be carried out to later. The administrative organization is more sensitive to a computing era than media in Japan.


———–The following makes an extract ———-


Mr. Takachi of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made reference on February 4 about the development experimentation of local government cloud by 6 prefectures 66 cities in 2009. And it explained "Economy of scale is born by each local government sharing a system, and mitigation of the expense burden of computerization can be expected."

Moreover, it goes into the stage which invites a public comment by the end of this month also about "maintenance of an ASP/SaaS introduction guideline", and standardization of the kind and expressive form of data, a character code, an external character, etc. is also advanced. On the other hand, the decision is also advanced about the standard specification of service so that the shift to cloud may not cause vendor lock in.   And the negative view was shown about public cloud’s use by  local government.

The local government cloud and various kinds of ASP/SaaS are employed by "LGWAN" which is the closed network. It is recognition called what is called private cloud there.


In order to pull out a cost merit, administrative organization and private enterprises need to use cloud together, therefore consciousness reform is important. Mr. Yasuhiro Yamato of Oita Prefecture pointed out the subject at the time of a local government using cloud in "all-prefectures CIO forum 2010 spring meeting" held on February 4. Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture install a  local government cloud promotion conference, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications advocates is undertaken.

And a cost merit does not come out in IaaS which only a  local government uses. Administrative organization and private enterprises indicated that consciousness reform of using the same data center is important. Furthermore, there is no resistance to this joint use, and the view that it can promote was shown.


February 4 and Hokkaido announced the outline of local government cloud experimentation via a network. 18 cities, towns and villages in Hokkaido participate in this experiment, and it is provided with data etc. It is due to look for the private entrepreneur for building a system simultaneously, and to contract in April. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications promotes this actual proof experiment. And five prefectures, such as Kyoto and Saga Prefecture, participate besides Hokkaido.  As a budget for that, 370 million yen is added up in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

[Column] Revolution of media – A contact point of Electronic Book and Japanese publishing circles

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The "JEPA Japan Electronic Publishing Association" organized by 13 companies of major company publication, such as Kodansha, Shinchosha, and Shogakukan, started deliberations in January of this year, about the full-scale correspondence to electronic publishing. One of members has spoken as follows. "What suited some press reports is not done. That is, we do not block contents. If the talk is settled by a proper rule and rates, contents should be offered positively."

Unlike the U.S., Japan has rule of the market by major company commission, and there are many small bookstores. Therefore, in the case of Japan, probably, a certain relief disposal is needed when shifting to an electron from paper. Amazon Japan aims at the Japanese version service start in Kindle around October, this year. In that case, what do we do with a newspaper world?

Takashi Kawachi

J <>

The motion of the newspaper industry of Japan is actually slow. For example, in the case of Nikkei, charged contents offer was started, but the price is the same thing of 4000 yen as paper. They are wishing it wants without extending the sale of electronic media. That is, it is the postponement in question and the persons in charge of management have escaped from reality.  — A.C.

A user should become a winner – Cybozu and Appresso dive into the world of interoperability

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The Cybozu research institute and Appresso are putting "PIMSYNC for Cybozu Garuune 2" on the market, and synchronize schedule information automatically. Thereby, cooperation of the groupware for large-scales "Cybozu  Garuune 2", the groupware of the other company, and SFA is realized.

The software which is the target of a synchronization is "Microsoft Office Share Point Server 2007","Exchange Server 2007", "Google Calendar", "Lotus Notes/Domino" and "eSales manager." Cybozu received OEM offer of the data automatic synchronous software "PIMSYNC" of Appresso, and developed this solution.

In the case of a major company, groupware and schedule management software have a case employed using different software for every section. And the load of employment by the duplicate input and many problems of the fall of the productivity by double booking arise.

Moreover, since the policy is set up for every section even if it is going to introduce the software of unification in the whole company, it is in an unrealizable situation. Therefore, many requests of scheduler cooperation are brought near by Appresso, and it is especially told to it that there were many inquiries about cooperation with "Exchange" and "Garuune 2."

At present, it is license offer of SaaS style which Cybozu is considering, and it waits for saturation of the market and carries out a new license. That is, Cybozu may expand the Cloud business partner and may promote a product on cloud’s base. According to the announcement of the company, about 100 million yen business is expected by the end of 2011.

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Full recovery of IT market in Japan becomes after the 2013 fiscal year — The influence of Cloud is also restrictive

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As for the result of the investigation conducted in November, 2009, according to the announcement on February 3 of Gartner, IT drive to invest of Japanese companies is still a low stake. And recovery of a drive to invest is carried out if it cannot expect at least 2010. According to prediction of the company, full recovery of IT market in Japan has a high possibility of becoming after the 2013 fiscal year.

The investment in the major company beyond 1,000 employees is decreasing greatly, and that has had big influence also on market size especially in the 2009 fiscal year. Therefore, IT market size in the 2009 fiscal year is seen in the company, if it becomes a decrease of 5.2% compared with last fiscal year and about 1 trillion yen contracts by a pace of expansion.

In addition to the economic growth rate in the last fiscal year, business will begin to recover IT market size in the 2010 fiscal year for a while as of April when the budget for fiscal 2010 will be decided. And it is predicted that the company becomes minus 1.2% by a last-fiscal-year ratio supposing the company which revives a project coming out.

As a topic of IT which attracts attention, "cloud", "information security management and the measure against a disaster recovery", and "server supposition" are mentioned.

J <>

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KIRIN Holdings improves private cloud using virtual technology

Posted in Industries, Large, Private by japanclouds on February 3, 2010

KIRIN Holdings which has various business corporations, such as liquor, a drink and food, and medical supplies, is employing the system as "private cloud." The companies including the system of Mercian which had a capital tie-up, collect most systems of a group company into two of data centers. Furthermore, KIRIN uses those data centers from about 500 branch distributed all over the country, and uses two data centers and a hosting service properly.

The server of the 1st data center which is using the package for Widows/Linux is the target of virtualization fundamentally. Now, about 30 percent of all the servers cope with virtual environment. There is the about 700 number of a server on the whole including information systems, such as operating systems including a main frame, groupware, a portal, mail, etc. Since full use of virtual technology is made, if one virtual machine is counted among one set, the total number of servers will amount to about 1000 sets.

Private cloud of KIRIN is not completion now. Virtual technology is used and concentration of the further server hardware is advanced. The server which is applying as a virtual machine now is about 30% of the whole. This will be increased to about 50% in 2010. Therefore, reexamination of a server network will become the point from now on.

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NEC BIGLOBE considers the integration of 3G and WiMAX for cloud terminals

Posted in Google, Mobile, NEC by japanclouds on February 2, 2010

NEC BIGLOBE (BIGLOBE) will put on the cloud terminal into the market which carries Android OS, and will start offer the communications service for these terminals, and application / contents service. The company is using the vertical integration type business model which ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) is one-stop, and provides with hardware, communications service, and application itself. It will sell with the whole cloud terminal enterprise in 2012, and raising into 10 billion yen business is a target further.

NEC BIGLOBE plans the service deployment which employed efficiently vertical integration type advantages, such as cooperation with the service provided for personal computers, such as an E-mail and a photograph share, and form of use of setting needlessness.  It says, "The profit by sale of a terminal is not expected so much" (Yoshikiyo Yamamoto manager of BIGLOBE   personal operation division  ). It is the purpose of the company to raise rather the profit by a terminal, the communications service provided by a set, and the platform service for an application or contents offer as a pillar of big business.

The feature of this new service is in the communications service which BIGLOBE provides, and a cloud terminal is due to correspond to wireless LAN, the 3rd generation mobile communications (3G), and three kinds of communication lines of WiMAX. About 3G and WiMAX which will mainly be used by a place where one has gone, BIGLOBE serves as MVNO (virtual mobile phone service company), and is considering the service which can use the direction which 3G and WiMAX tend to use according to use environment.

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The outline of posting in “Japan Clouds” January 2010

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Four months have passed since this site started. It was interested in the point in what kind of interest overseas people have in Cloud computing of Japan. It is the height of the concern about a governmental policy, and the concern about local government cloud which is felt for No. 1. Even in the Japanese market, Windows Azure has started and Salesforce has also expanded the share. I am glad, if you continue and being got interested in Japanese Cloud. The following is a wrap up the posts in January. Please enjoy!


01: A Happy New Year
04: RICOH will provide a cloud printing solution
04: Fujitsu will provide “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” in this month
04: Keio University supports Otaki village for their sightseeing biz
04: NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China
04: NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China
06: CTC started "ePromo" as a TransPromo compliant service
11: A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps
12: What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?
12: NTT Smart Connect shakes hands with Ooyala
13: A standard specification for local government clouds
13: Microsoft will provide an another cloud with IIJ?
13: NTT Data Intra Mart and NTT Com will deliver cloud style mail services
13: KDDI Web Communications will shake hands with Google
13: Will Nagasaki provide their government cloud to other prefectures?
14: IBM Japan established a cloud division for the promotion
14: Oita and Miyazaki prefectures employee two of local IT shops
15: Brain Child and NIC will build a cloud test center in Vietnam
15: Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive
18: Softbank supplies "White Plan" into the Japanese cloud market
18: etolabo provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS
19: Japanese Cabinet Office builds a national opinion interview site with cloud
19: Marubeni dives into their private cloud
19: Otsuka will launch a private cloud for small and middle customers
21: Miyazaki and Oita prefectures start the local government cloud sharing
22: Otsuka cooperates with KDDI in their private cloud businesses
22: NTT Data announced the outline of their BizCloud
25: NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS
25: Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan
27: KDDI is utilizing an overseas data center and builds Cloud between international
28: NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

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NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

Posted in Data Center, Large by japanclouds on January 28, 2010

Jan.28 – Nomura Research Institute (NRI) announced building the new data center in Tama-city, Tokyo from which it becomes the 5th place in domestic and it turns into the 4th place in a metropolitan area. It becomes a base of the outsourcing enterprise to expand, and is utilized as a core base of the Cloud service.  The construction of a new data center is 19,496.3 square meters. The total floor area becomes a scale exceeding the "second data center of Yokohama" (15,888 square meters of total floor area) built in 2007. Thereby, as for the total floor area of all the data centers of NRI, the increase in about 30 percent is expected. NRI invests about 20 billion yen in construction of this new data center, and is planning the completion by March, 2013.

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KDDI is utilizing an overseas data center and builds Cloud between international

Posted in Data Center, Telecom by japanclouds on January 27, 2010

Jan.27 – "The companies which build hub-and-spokes type global network have increased in number by using a data center in this one – two years." (Manager Ide of KDDI) The movement toward server concentration to the data center which is conspicuous in domestic is spreading also in global network. The communication enterprise which provides an outsourcing entrepreneur and international-telecommunications service is developing the data center quickly in every corner of the earth. According to the motion, the company user aims at the "cloud" system which holds down cost to the minimum and can use it comfortably and safe moreover even from where of the world.

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Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large, Private, SaaS by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – So far, DCS made results, such as server virtual technology, large-scale data center employment, information security solution. In the company, the cloud use in in-company development environment and training environment is started first, and the cloud service will be continuously provided as private cloud environment and service bases, such as SaaS. With the cloud service of DCS, effective use of computing resources by advanced virtual technology, such as CPU, is promoted. The quick service in by a system automatic distribution function and offer of standard base environment which collected best practice become the feature.

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NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS

Posted in Microsoft, NEC, SaaS, Small-Middle by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – According to the announcement of NEC, the cloud service "BPOS" which Microsoft provides will be cooperated in the business by the sale for a small-scale company and SOHO.  BPOS is the service which includes four functions, such as Exchange Online, to the set among the on-line services for companies of "Microsoft Online Services", and 10 dollars in a month per one user is possible for it.

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NTT Data announced the outline of their BizCloud

Posted in Private, Public, Telecom by japanclouds on January 22, 2010

Jan.22 – NTT Data announced the outline of the cloud service "BizCloud" which is due to be provided formally from April. In this service, the shift to a private type cloud system will be supported. In addition, a part of services are preceded and begun from February. New service is public cloud service named "the cloud platform service" provided based on the service developed with NTT and NTT Communications.  Furthermore, it consists of two of "cloud construction and employment services" which offers construction of the environment centering on a private type cloud system, shift support, operation management and so on.

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Otsuka cooperates with KDDI in their private cloud businesses

Posted in Private, Small-Middle, Telecom by japanclouds on January 21, 2010

Jan.22 – Otsuka made a formal announcement to cooperating in the cloud computing business with KDDI which provides software and data services via a network. Otsuka combines the cloud system in their data center and the communications service of KDDI, and makes unitary offer. Otsuka aims a order received from 1500 companies, as their main target small and middle businesses, in the first year.
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Miyazaki and Oita prefectures start the local government cloud sharing

Posted in Government by japanclouds on January 21, 2010

Jan.21 – The joint 1st time of promotion conference task force of "self-governing body cloud" where 10 cities of Miyazaki and Oita prefectures share a computing system. The sectional meeting was held by the Nobeoka Miyazaki local government office, and 120 persons-concerned abbreviation of each self-governing body was present. Eight task forces, such as a "resident information related business system" and a "tax operating system", were prepared, and the schedule which conducts an actual proof experiment from October was checked.

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Otsuka will launch a private cloud for small and middle customers

Posted in Private, Small-Middle by japanclouds on January 18, 2010

Jan.19 – A major SIer Otsuka starts private Cloud environmental service within the limit of the end of May, 2010. In this service, customer’s communication network will be directly linked with the data center of Otsuka, and all connections with the Internet or external service are made through the integrated monitoring center managed in the company’s data center. So, the security level of a customer’s network environment is raised and the use environment of Cloud / SaaS type service is prepared. The small and medium-sized enterprises are regarded as the main targets, and the order received from 1500 companies is aimed at in one year after a service start.
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Marubeni dives into their private cloud

Posted in Industries, Private by japanclouds on January 18, 2010

Jan.19 – Mr. Jutaro Shiraishi who is an information planning manager of Marubeni attended the management council, he explained starting private Cloud’s construction formally and received an agreement, in the middle of November, 2009. "To prepare a server for every application by a management is a cost overrun only by having accumulated the server. Cloud collects servers, and provides assigning required capability, when required", he explained. Officers received this explaining gave an approval.

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Japanese Cabinet Office builds a national opinion interview site with cloud

Posted in Government by japanclouds on January 18, 2010

Jan.19 – Cabinet Office utilized the Cloud type service and built the website "Hatoyama" which receives an opinion and proposal to administrative services. Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) which provided service announced on January 19. Hatoyama established on January 18 means a website which invites the opinion on administrative services, and a proposal. A subject, a proposal of a policy, etc. which should tackle for people are received from an individual, NPO and a civilian enterprise company, a municipal corporation, etc.

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etolabo provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS

Posted in Hadoop, NoSQL, Open Source by Agile Cat on January 18, 2010

Jan.18 – The company provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS on Jan.18. Eto Batara the former CTO of mixi which is a largest Japanese SNS, has started up "etolabo" and has already used "kumofs" in their photo storage service named Ficia.  This KVS has got a award of Cloud Computing Competition in Interop Tokyo 2009, and realized to have the data replica and dynamic resource extensions.

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Softbank supplies "White Plan" into the Japanese cloud market

Posted in HaaS, Softbank, Telecom by japanclouds on January 17, 2010

Jan. 18 – There have been a lot of entrepreneurs who enter into HaaS (hardware as a service) which offers a server resource as service with virtual technology. A rate level equivalent to the foreign-operations company who precedes, and the sense of security which can carry out data storage in domestic home are made sale. The entry menu which held down prices, such as the Softbank telecom which cut the monthly amount of 50 dollars, is the feature. Japanese communication enterprises enters into Cloud computing market with  watchword "overthrow and Amazon EC2", formally from next spring. What each company supplies is HaaS which only a required part provides with a server’s hard resource via a network using virtual technology. Each company arranges a mouth as having developed to the benchmark EC2 of U.S. which can elastic performance for a short time according to processing load

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Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive

Posted in IBM, Large, Microsoft, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 15, 2010

Jan.15 – Panasonic will abandon Microsoft Exchange and go to IBM’s cloud-based LotusLive email and collaboration systems across worldwide operations. About 100,000 employees will be included in the initial migration, eventually expanding to more than 300,000 workers, partners, and suppliers. Financial terms were not disclosed. It’s a big news in also Japanese market.
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Brain Child and NIC will build a cloud test center in Vietnam

Posted in Asia, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 14, 2010

Jan.15 – Brain Child and NIC (Nippon Information and Communication) announced to build a cloud test center in Vietnam. It’s a joint business with VIJA Power Source of Vietnam who will provide Tier3 class data center into this project.  BI software Pentaho will be validated as SaaS in this project by the end of 2010, so that the local Japanese companies can use it safety.

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Oita and Miyazaki prefectures employee two of local IT shops

Posted in Government by Agile Cat on January 14, 2010

Jan.14 – Both of prefectures employee two of local IT shops to build the experimental government office systems. Those shops established an union named Public Administration Kyushu OLGO Union will use a data center of Asahi Kasei Networks of Nobeoka, Miyazaki. Including Nagasaki, the local government cloud in Kyushu heats up!

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IBM Japan established a cloud division for the promotion

Posted in hybrid, IBM, Private, Public by Agile Cat on January 14, 2010

Jan.14 – The company announced to start their new division for the cloud promotion.  The division drives private, public and hybrid clouds for enterprises based on visualization, standardization and automation. As new products, "Public desktop Cloud", "Public Test Cloud", "Smart Analytics Cloud" and "Private Storage Cloud" have been scheduled.
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Will Nagasaki provide their government cloud to other prefectures?

Posted in Government, Private by Agile Cat on January 13, 2010

Jan.13 – Nagasaki prefecture announced to provide their local government cloud system to other prefectures. The prefecture has started to use their original cloud system since from last month, and, for instance, the system has been used by Omura city in Nagasaki. In this project, other prefectures or any cities will be able to use it as a service hosted by Nagasaki.
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KDDI Web Communications will shake hands with Google

Posted in Google, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 13, 2010

Jan.13 –  The company announced to integrate Google Apps Premium Edition into their shared server rental services named “Shared Plan Z Series.”  It’s a kind of services to small and middle businesses and the customers will be able to use the application of Google Apps Premium Edition in their current domain provided from KDDI.

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NTT Data Intra Mart and NTT Com will deliver cloud style mail services

Posted in SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 13, 2010

Jan.13 – NTT Data Intra Mart announced to deliver cloud style mail services based on the NTT Com’s “Biz Mail.” It will be associated with a groupware named “Intranet Start Pack” on their “Intra Mart.” The customers will get 10GB of disk space, and will be able to use some of mobile phone including NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU and so on.

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Microsoft will provide an another cloud with IIJ?

Posted in Azure, Microsoft, PaaS by Agile Cat on January 12, 2010

Jan.13 – IIJ announced to deliver a cloud server with Windows Server on this May. In this service, Windows Server including Hyper-V will be deployed on IIJ’s GIO, and their customer will be able to configure the elastic cloud with those resources. Microsoft will provide their “Dynamic Datacenter Tool kit” in this service.

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A standard specification for local government clouds

Posted in Government, Interoperability by Agile Cat on January 12, 2010

Jan.13 – Local Authorities Systems Development Center (LASDEC) made a standard specification for the local government cloud development on last November. It’s a part of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) project, and any developers who want to deliver services to local government offices have to implement the spec.

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NTT Smart Connect shakes hands with Ooyala

Posted in Industries, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 11, 2010

Jan.12 – The company announced to make a new business in Japanese market with Ooyala. Both of companies want to deliver the solutions for Japanese businesses who aim to get the profits from movie market with advertising. Ooyala has results coming from over 500 businesses including Warner Brothers, and expects to have new  Japanese businesses with NTT Smart Connect.

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What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?

Posted in Asia, Data Center, Telecom, vitalization by Agile Cat on January 11, 2010

Jan.12 –  The company had provided and managed the global data center services in the world, and answered to the interview of ITmedia in the month for those matters. In their global scenario, 19 countries and 29 cities are supported by the premium data center of NTT Com. In addition, the company aims to employee some of cloud technologies that provide more efficient and low cost solutions to their customers. For instance, the company will the virtual hosting services in Hong Kong, US and UK in this year.

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A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps

Posted in e-Learning, Fujitsu, Google, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 10, 2010

Jan.11 – Fujitsu Learning Media who’s a subsidiary of Fujitsu will introduce Google Apps to their 600 of employees, instead of the traditional IT coming from their parent Fujitsu. The company plans to deliver an educational services around Google Apps to their customers, and has just needed to have the experiences for it. Anyway, It’s a kind of surprising!

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CTC started "ePromo" as a TransPromo compliant service

Posted in Industries, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 6, 2010

Jan.6. – The company started to sell "ePromo", according to the agreement with Pitney Bowes Software on Oct.2009. It’s a kind of TransPromo (Transaction Mail Promotion) compliant service, and aims to take a hundred million dollar of sales by 2013. CTC delivers it as SaaS from their data center, and will add a payment service in this year.

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NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China

Posted in Asia, Financial, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 4, 2010

Jan.4. – The company announced to launch a cloud financial company with Yucheng Technologies in Tianjin of China. Stock share will be at 51% of NTT Data and 49% of  Yucheng Technologies.  Yucheng has already come on NASDAQ, and provided Internet banking solutions across in the China continental. The new company will take this Internet banking services from Yucheng Technologies, and will move it into the cloud. It’s a piece of NTT Data’s China strategy.

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