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Wrap up MIX 2010 Keynote

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First, the situation where big players and others (UFC/McDonalds/NCAA/AP/Dell etc.) are beginning to adopt Silvelight is known. It addition, Silverlight 4 will be supported by Google Chrome.  Moreover, in Contact of Windows Phone, Facebook and Twitter is supported and the interesting demonstration was performed by the conference.  Windows Phone supports Silverlight and the function of Zune is included in there.  Furthermore, the development of Windows Phone can be performed using Visual Studio and Expression Editor. Regarding details, please find below messages and links.


So, windows phone 7 – what cool stuff have you seen? Here’s a preview: Windows Phone 7 demo shows cross platform game coding, playing
A CNET slideshow of some early Windows Phone applications being shown today at
is about to start at
some SIlverlight enabled sites like UFC and McDonalds
talking about Silverlight, intro’ed two years ago,and is being used by Victorias Secret, UFC, McDonalds, and later NCAA March Madness
Silverlight being used by several companies like AP and Dell
Silverlight is now on 60% of all internet connected devices. Impressive.
Whoa, way cool! Code to power the olympic player is Open Source.
Silverlight 4 will launch with Multicast Streaming, Webcam support, and more
Google Chrome support confirmed for Silverlight 4!
Coming on stage, Raji Arasu and Dave Wolf of eBay are here to talk how they use Silverlight.
Microsoft open sources Media Framework used for the Olympics:

<Windows Phone>

Today Microsoft is launching developer tools for Windows Phone.
Every Windows Phone 7 Series device is a Zune
Every WP7 is a Zune by default, kind of expected, but nice to hear
SIlverlight app, AP Mobile Experience – mobile news reader segmented by categories, headlines, shared stories
Windows Phone 7 Series has native support for Facebook and Twitter for your contacts

<Visual Studio>

Scott shows how to write an app for windows phone 7 using visual studio and blend
Announcing KharaPos, a Silverlight 4/RIA Services/.NET4 exemplar app. currently demos basic RIA Services
Multi-touch Windows 7 monitors/laptops enable multi-touch in the developer emulator.
This is how Microsoft will get back into the Mobile game
Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone-

Please find details at below:

MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_1
MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_2
MIX2010: Day 1 Keynote Part_3


As for interoperability, becoming the essential important matter in PaaS?

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Cat Ray1

February 23, Tech-Days 2010 opened by Hotel Ground Pacific in Toyo.  Everyone was surprised to the message video of Ray Ozzie being screened in the opening of conference. Ray Ozzie, through this message video, fascinated the most people who get together in the meeting place. The fact that Ray Ozzie builds is the big result, Windows Azure.  In 2008 spring, what he declares with MIX is propulsion of the cloud. Furthermore, the fact that he entrusts is in the future of the enormous organization, Microsoft.  Ray Ozzie improved Windows Azure, and reformed also organization itself.

If with this message video, the impressive part is extracted, it becomes speech below, probably will be.
”We realize the wave of the reactivation which it visits in IT industry.” But, such a cute message, is dispatched to imitation, it can presume that there was very hardship. Because, by the fact that Windows Azure is propelled, the business model of big business Microsoft is changed.  Therefore, as for Ray Ozzie needing, to persuade the boards of directors of the carrier which is longer than him was.

From Microsoft’s Creative Destruction (Dick Brass) which is published to New York Times, the fighting where it can force Ray it is and can presume easily. In addition, by the fact that the interview of Gartner is read, we understand the circumstances to which he educates the engineers who cannot use professional service. And now, Ray Ozzie, between several opensource products and Windows Azure, has been about to actualize interoperability. That, rather than saying, that the policy of from the past Microsoft is modified, is the attempt which throws away the rule of the company, is the road which everyone avoids.

Story changes, but as for “P” of PaaS, in other words the concept of Platform in the cloud, sooner or later that is a point which you say somewhere whether it is gathered and summarized. Conclusion of that time became that it probably is unreasonable, however, an opinion agreed concerning the point that, it is interoperability, as the important primary factor of “P.”

Furthermore, between .Net Service Bus and  AppFabric, there is no great difference, and when it had the rough way of speaking, the different recognition also of the point that it is a name corresponded.  That is, Ray Ozzie’s thinking will be wiping out the name of .Net. Of course, as technology. Net is healthy and, even from this, it keeps being called with the name, probably will be. But, the fact that it is PaaS to which Windows Azure has interoperability is symbolized, unless .NET is suitable as a general term of the service bus, it can presume that Ray Ozzie thinks. As for the reason of this name modification, you see other than that and do not hit.

The fact that Ray Ozzie aims probably is the heterogeneous conversion of Windows Azure. Until you say, typical case of the hetero cloud is Amazon AWS, without, but that layer is IaaS. And, the seat of hetero PaaS has been less crowded. In other words, Amazon AWS aims toward hetero IaaS, Windows Azure aims toward hetero PaaS.  Such a trend is visible, faintly. That way when you thought, in these both the arm where may be a possibility of coexisting it does. And, it was announced on February 22nd of American time, it seems the cross license regarding the patent between both and that coherence meets. The hetero cloud is strengthened, how in addition, would like to keep observing whether how it spreads.


Where does Ray Ozzie lead Microsoft?

Worldwide Weekly – Mar.13

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How Cloud Computing is Changing SOA
The larger issue here is that the focus on cloud computing as architectural options within an SOA is indeed changing SOA, and the technology we employ.
Microsoft to Discontinue EBS SYS-CON Media (press release)
Cloud offers greatest benefits to traditional enterprises Rackspace
Funambol Details How "Free" Mobile Apps and Services Can Be Profitable SYS-CON Media (press release)
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World Tech Update: 3D TV, Cloud Computing, and Apple iPads
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gives his thoughts on cloud computing, the Apple iPad launch date is announced, and Final Fantasy XIII goes on sale.

HP’s cloud security guru to enterprises: Tread carefully
Archie Reed, HP’s chief technologist for cloud computing security, says enterprises need to understand exactly what cloud
How safe is cloud computing? CNN
Don’t look down: The path to cloud computing is still missing a few steps
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CA grabs Nimsoft for its cloud computing lineup
Reuters reports that former Google China chief Kai-Fu Lee considers cloud computing an opportunity for China to finally get off the ground in software
CA’s Nimsoft Buy Returns Quick Money To Goldman Sachs, Two VC Firms Wall Street Journal
CA Grabs Nimsoft
CA to buy Nimsoft for $350m ITWeb

Google Apps needs more Canadian cloud computing resellers
This makes it easy for businesses to move their solutions to the cloud. But Cho said for many partners, the cloud computing space is something that’s new to
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Top WH tech official: Federal agencies could compute in cloud, too The Hill (blog)
Obama’s $79 Billion Tech Plan May Favor Web Programs BusinessWeek
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Linux summit dissects MeeGo
This year’s event features a full-day workgroup on MeeGo, as well as Linux sessions ranging from cloud computing to desktop distros to open source
Linux is the cloud’s future: IBM Canada IDG
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Announcing Structure 2010, Our Internet Infrastructure & Cloud Computing
No Comments Two years ago, we launched Structure, our conference devoted to Internet infrastructure and cloud computing.

Cloud computing company opening Austin office
A Web cloud computing application maker is opening an Austin office as part of a national product roll-out. Dulles, Va.-based IceWeb Inc. (OTCBB:IWEB) also
IceWEB Solidifies National Channel Rollout MarketWatch (press release)
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Google Apps Marketplace Launches as New Cloud Computing Store
This will provide third-party software developers a larger cloud computing channel into which to sell their applications. The move, announced during a
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NetSuite to launch cloud computing enterprise resource planning suite for Trading Markets (press release)
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Cloud Computing Seen to Boost Asian Data Centers
The year may be propitious in bringing back some growl to a region once famed for its "Asian Tiger" economies, if the growth of Cloud Computing continues to
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