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Brain Child and NIC will build a cloud test center in Vietnam

Posted in Asia, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 14, 2010

Jan.15 – Brain Child and NIC (Nippon Information and Communication) announced to build a cloud test center in Vietnam. It’s a joint business with VIJA Power Source of Vietnam who will provide Tier3 class data center into this project.  BI software Pentaho will be validated as SaaS in this project by the end of 2010, so that the local Japanese companies can use it safety.

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What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?

Posted in Asia, Data Center, Telecom, vitalization by Agile Cat on January 11, 2010

Jan.12 –  The company had provided and managed the global data center services in the world, and answered to the interview of ITmedia in the month for those matters. In their global scenario, 19 countries and 29 cities are supported by the premium data center of NTT Com. In addition, the company aims to employee some of cloud technologies that provide more efficient and low cost solutions to their customers. For instance, the company will the virtual hosting services in Hong Kong, US and UK in this year.

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NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China

Posted in Asia, Financial, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 4, 2010

Jan.4. – The company announced to launch a cloud financial company with Yucheng Technologies in Tianjin of China. Stock share will be at 51% of NTT Data and 49% of  Yucheng Technologies.  Yucheng has already come on NASDAQ, and provided Internet banking solutions across in the China continental. The new company will take this Internet banking services from Yucheng Technologies, and will move it into the cloud. It’s a piece of NTT Data’s China strategy.

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Fujitsu dives into the Asian Market with Singapore Telecoms

Posted in Asia, Fujitsu, Large, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 24, 2009

Dec.24 – The company answered to the interviews of Mainichi Newspaper, and talked about their Asian cloud plan. In the plan, Fujitsu will provide some of cloud services including Business Management, Medical and any other cloud services. As domestic services, the company has already provided such services with NTT group, and will go to Asia with Singapore Telecoms.

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Google, Cables and the Future of the Web

Posted in Asia, Google, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 14, 2009

Dec.14 – Rich Miller – Why is Google investing in a second undersea telecommunications cable project? For Google, this move is all about the future of the Internet and laying the foundations for an infrastructure that will track the network’s growth.

Last Thursday Google said it would team with KDDI, Bharti Airtel, Reliance to build a $400 million submarine cable that will connect the Asia Pacific region, dubbed Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC).

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Google invests 360 million to Asian marine cable

Posted in Asia, Google, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 10, 2009

Nov.11- The company announced to build the marine cable from Singapore to Japan, and will not only to use it, but also provide major Japanese Internet providers including NTT group. KDDI also joins into this project, and build 8300 km of cable with companies in Hong Kong and India. This line will have 23 Tera bps of speed. Furthermore, Google and KDDI will invest to another marine cable between United Stats and Japan.

Will Microsoft and Amazon also be happy?

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