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NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

Posted in Data Center, Large by japanclouds on January 28, 2010

Jan.28 – Nomura Research Institute (NRI) announced building the new data center in Tama-city, Tokyo from which it becomes the 5th place in domestic and it turns into the 4th place in a metropolitan area. It becomes a base of the outsourcing enterprise to expand, and is utilized as a core base of the Cloud service.  The construction of a new data center is 19,496.3 square meters. The total floor area becomes a scale exceeding the "second data center of Yokohama" (15,888 square meters of total floor area) built in 2007. Thereby, as for the total floor area of all the data centers of NRI, the increase in about 30 percent is expected. NRI invests about 20 billion yen in construction of this new data center, and is planning the completion by March, 2013.

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KDDI is utilizing an overseas data center and builds Cloud between international

Posted in Data Center, Telecom by japanclouds on January 27, 2010

Jan.27 – "The companies which build hub-and-spokes type global network have increased in number by using a data center in this one – two years." (Manager Ide of KDDI) The movement toward server concentration to the data center which is conspicuous in domestic is spreading also in global network. The communication enterprise which provides an outsourcing entrepreneur and international-telecommunications service is developing the data center quickly in every corner of the earth. According to the motion, the company user aims at the "cloud" system which holds down cost to the minimum and can use it comfortably and safe moreover even from where of the world.

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What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?

Posted in Asia, Data Center, Telecom, vitalization by Agile Cat on January 11, 2010

Jan.12 –  The company had provided and managed the global data center services in the world, and answered to the interview of ITmedia in the month for those matters. In their global scenario, 19 countries and 29 cities are supported by the premium data center of NTT Com. In addition, the company aims to employee some of cloud technologies that provide more efficient and low cost solutions to their customers. For instance, the company will the virtual hosting services in Hong Kong, US and UK in this year.

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NEC will provide "WebSAM" to the cloud market

Posted in Data Center, Large, Management, NEC by Agile Cat on December 16, 2009

Dec.16 – The company announced to enhance their total management product named “WebSAM Ver.8” to the data center market. It will provide the real time monitoring for databases and applications, including “WebSAM MCOperations”, “WebSAM Invariant Analyzer” and  “WebSAM Application Navigator”. Moreover, with “WebSAM AssetSuite”, the inventory management will also be supported.

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Five businesses will try the cloud data center experimentation on

Posted in Data Center, Social by Agile Cat on November 27, 2009

No.27 – The five companies – IIJ, Toshiba,  NLM ECAL, Nohmi and Kawamura – announced to start the cloud datacenter experimentation on Feb. 2010. In this experimentation, a natural cooling and modular data center will be used to aim the reducing facility cost and build period, and increasing of well power utilizing.

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Fujitsu launched a new data center in Tatebayashi

Posted in Data Center, Fujitsu, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20- The company launched a new data center for the next generation computing in their famous Tatebayashi farm. It has 23,000  square meter of computing area, and provides robust security and low energy facilities. There are some of new infrastructure for the cloud computing, the company said.

Regarding PUE, there is no information.

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Equinix Japan changed the sales estimation to go to up

Posted in Data Center, Economy by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20 – The company changed their sales estimation of 2009 to over 10%, because of, the demand to data center is growing in here. Regarding the world wide market estimation, it will be 25% growing, they said. Especially, in the financial, telecom and Web contents market, high growing will be expected.

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Softbank Telecoms announced to launch cloud services named "White Cloud"

Posted in Data Center, Telecom by Agile Cat on November 17, 2009

Nov.18 – The company announced to provide two of cloud services : White Cloud Shared HaaS and White Private HaaS. In addition, some of companies in Softbank Group will deliver any cloud services with brand name “White Cloud” on that infrastructure, the company added.

Regarding the prices of “Shared HaaS”, it will be $45 per month for 1VM.

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INET collaborates with Fujitsu_SSL in the cloud management

Posted in Data Center, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on November 6, 2009

Nov.4 – The company announced to employee  the cloud management system from Fujitsu_SSL into their data center businesses so that automated monitoring, increasing service quality and reducing cost can be addressed. The second data center of INET is a brand-new one for cloud market, and named “Virtualization All in One Services、VAiOS”.

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Nihon Unisys will launch a datacenter in Sapporo

Posted in Data Center, Large, Unisys by Agile Cat on October 24, 2009

Oct.23 – The company announced to launch a could computing data center as an experimentation in Sapporo Hokkaido prefecture on next Feb. it means the first cloud data center in Hokkaido, expanding a current traditional one. It will get the efficient cooling with cold air of the north end of Japan.

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NEC leverages the sales for cloud software and devices

Posted in Data Center, PaaS by Agile Cat on October 8, 2009

Oct.8 – NEC announced the development plan of IT peripheral devices for next three years. The company has focused on the growth of cloud computing, and will address to sell software and devices for datacenter utilizing.

As the first phase of new businesses, the company will deliver a management software that can reduces the failing detection time by ninety percent maximum.

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Chiba Bank Asset Management estimates the growing of data center businesses

Posted in Data Center, Economy by Agile Cat on September 17, 2009

In weekly reports of Sept.18, the bank resulted that Japanese data center businesses volume at 7.7 billion dollars (13.3% of growth against 2007), and estimated to achieve 12 billion dollars by 2012 (12.7% of average yearly growth).

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