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A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps

Posted in e-Learning, Fujitsu, Google, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 10, 2010

Jan.11 – Fujitsu Learning Media who’s a subsidiary of Fujitsu will introduce Google Apps to their 600 of employees, instead of the traditional IT coming from their parent Fujitsu. The company plans to deliver an educational services around Google Apps to their customers, and has just needed to have the experiences for it. Anyway, It’s a kind of surprising!

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Softbank BB announced an e-Learning system on the cloud

Posted in e-Learning, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 27, 2009

Dec.28 – The company announced to launch an e-Learning system named “A’OMAI” on the cloud, and will deliver the service on Feb. 2010. It will utilize White Cloud HaaS of Softbank Telecoms, and will provide deliver, progress and history management for LMS(Learning Management Systems). It’s minimum charge will be at 3 dollars/month.

The company aims to get a million customers and five hundred dollars of sales by 2013.

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