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Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large, Private, SaaS by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – So far, DCS made results, such as server virtual technology, large-scale data center employment, information security solution. In the company, the cloud use in in-company development environment and training environment is started first, and the cloud service will be continuously provided as private cloud environment and service bases, such as SaaS. With the cloud service of DCS, effective use of computing resources by advanced virtual technology, such as CPU, is promoted. The quick service in by a system automatic distribution function and offer of standard base environment which collected best practice become the feature.

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NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China

Posted in Asia, Financial, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 4, 2010

Jan.4. – The company announced to launch a cloud financial company with Yucheng Technologies in Tianjin of China. Stock share will be at 51% of NTT Data and 49% of  Yucheng Technologies.  Yucheng has already come on NASDAQ, and provided Internet banking solutions across in the China continental. The new company will take this Internet banking services from Yucheng Technologies, and will move it into the cloud. It’s a piece of NTT Data’s China strategy.

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Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank will employ IBM’s Desktop Cloud Service

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large by Agile Cat on October 19, 2009

Oct.19 – IBM Japan announced to deliver their Desktop Cloud Service to the bank. In this new service, the bank will introduce the thin client environment into their current PCs, and will launch it this December.

In other hand, IBM Japan will build the virtual desktop environment in their IBM Blade Center, and will consolidate resources in current PCs into the new environment.

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