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A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps

Posted in e-Learning, Fujitsu, Google, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 10, 2010

Jan.11 – Fujitsu Learning Media who’s a subsidiary of Fujitsu will introduce Google Apps to their 600 of employees, instead of the traditional IT coming from their parent Fujitsu. The company plans to deliver an educational services around Google Apps to their customers, and has just needed to have the experiences for it. Anyway, It’s a kind of surprising!

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Fujitsu will provide “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” in this month

Posted in BPM, Fujitsu, Large by Agile Cat on January 3, 2010

Jan.4 -  The company will deliver the new version of their BPM late in a month. The minimum price will be at $60,000, Fujitsu said. The company with new version, has aimed to proceed the transparent views for business processes so that it ca be useful for also atypical business flows.

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Fujitsu dives into the Asian Market with Singapore Telecoms

Posted in Asia, Fujitsu, Large, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 24, 2009

Dec.24 – The company answered to the interviews of Mainichi Newspaper, and talked about their Asian cloud plan. In the plan, Fujitsu will provide some of cloud services including Business Management, Medical and any other cloud services. As domestic services, the company has already provided such services with NTT group, and will go to Asia with Singapore Telecoms.

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Fujitsu launched a new data center in Tatebayashi

Posted in Data Center, Fujitsu, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20- The company launched a new data center for the next generation computing in their famous Tatebayashi farm. It has 23,000  square meter of computing area, and provides robust security and low energy facilities. There are some of new infrastructure for the cloud computing, the company said.

Regarding PUE, there is no information.

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Fujitsu group propose the inter cloud API specs

Posted in Fujitsu, Interoperability, Large, Social by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Nov.19 – Fujitsu and Fujitsu Lab. propose “Open Cloud Standards Incubator” to “Distributed Management Task Force(DMTF)” .  Open Cloud Standards Incubato will be a working group in that body, and will handle the interoperability of cloud computing with 37 members.

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Fujitsu announced to deliver "Business Process Manager" for atypical process and cloud integration

Posted in Fujitsu, Industries, Large, Public by Agile Cat on November 9, 2009

Nov.10 – The company announced to deliver “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” as a new part of their Interstage family. It’s a kind of middle-ware and visualizes atypical business processes. So far, with it’s previous version, Fujitsu has the results of over 20 countries and over 200 customers.

In the North American area, the company already addressed to integrate it with a public cloud.

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Fujitsu aims the hybrid new businesses

Posted in Economy, Fujitsu, Large, Private, Public by Agile Cat on November 3, 2009

Nov.2 – Yamamoto who’s VP of system products division said “The private means on-premises and public means clouds” in the announcement of their new infrastructure products for the private.  According to the investigation of Fujitsu, 1.3% of cloud against whole of IT in 2008, and it will be 20.1% in 2015. In other word, 80% of on-premises will remain in the market, furthermore, a lot of services form clouds will be inserted into the private and on-premises. It will make a seamless connections among these three. In the business model of Fujitsu, the private will be dealt, as on-premises, he added.

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Fujitsu provides SaaS against influenza

Posted in Fujitsu, Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 21, 2009

Oct.21 – The company has just started to provide a management service for enterprises against new influenza .  With this service, enterprises will be able to register and manage the affected employees very soon, because of, it will be delivered as SaaS.

Regarding the prices, it will be $3000/month.

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