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etolabo provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS

Posted in Hadoop, NoSQL, Open Source by Agile Cat on January 18, 2010

Jan.18 – The company provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS on Jan.18. Eto Batara the former CTO of mixi which is a largest Japanese SNS, has started up "etolabo" and has already used "kumofs" in their photo storage service named Ficia.  This KVS has got a award of Cloud Computing Competition in Interop Tokyo 2009, and realized to have the data replica and dynamic resource extensions.

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MapReduce in Microsoft’s DryadLINQ

Posted in Azure, Hadoop by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server with the DryadLINQ Framework
John Vert in 408A on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Come get an overview of the DryadLINQ features and runtime environment, and walk through some real-world examples of DryadLINQ programs based on the familiar declarative syntax of LINQ combined with the fault-tolerant distributed graph scheduling of the Dryad runtime. Hear how DryadLINQ provides a programming model and runtime for data-parallel programs running across large clusters and partitioned data sets.

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Overview of Hadoop Conference 2009 in Japan – English Edition

Posted in Events, Hadoop by Agile Cat on November 16, 2009

Nov, 13, 2009 – The first Japanese Hadoop Conference was taken place in the center of Tokyo with Christophe Bisciglia of Cloudera. He talked about the now and then of Hadoop, following the essence and background of yellow elephant descriptions. He explained the current disadvantage of Hadoop honestly, and mentioned about the future advantage of one powerful. The almost of audiences felt his confidences coming from the success in New York, I trust.

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NTT Docomo launched PETA mining system

Posted in Hadoop, Mobile, Social, Telecom by Agile Cat on November 1, 2009

Nov.1 – The company has started the peta mining project  and built facilities named “Social Brain” with 200 servers last July. In this project, Docomo will address to analysis large data for city planning and improve traffic network, with it’s real-time population research.

However, it’s in the experimentation phase, and will need some other factors, the company added.

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One day sold out – Hadoop Conference Japan 2009

Posted in Events, Hadoop by Agile Cat on October 19, 2009

Oct.20 – The conference sold out in a blink of eye! At the midnight of last Friday, an announcement was delivered via mailing list of Hadoop_Jp Users Group, and then already sold out by over 200 attendants Tuesday morning. Substantively, only Monday, one day sold out was occurred!

The conference will be taken place Nov.13 in Tokyo.

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Kyushu University joined to the cloud of IBM and Google

Posted in Hadoop, Social by Agile Cat on September 9, 2009

Kyushu University joined to IBM/Google Cloud Computing University Initiative, as a first comer from Japanese universities. Same as Washington University, Carnegie Mellon University, and MIT, the university will be able to use larger clusters provides by IBM and Google.

Kyushuu University focuses on 3D maps, Hadoop distributed programming environment, and the relationship between private and public clouds.

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