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KIRIN Holdings improves private cloud using virtual technology

Posted in Industries, Large, Private by japanclouds on February 3, 2010

KIRIN Holdings which has various business corporations, such as liquor, a drink and food, and medical supplies, is employing the system as "private cloud." The companies including the system of Mercian which had a capital tie-up, collect most systems of a group company into two of data centers. Furthermore, KIRIN uses those data centers from about 500 branch distributed all over the country, and uses two data centers and a hosting service properly.

The server of the 1st data center which is using the package for Widows/Linux is the target of virtualization fundamentally. Now, about 30 percent of all the servers cope with virtual environment. There is the about 700 number of a server on the whole including information systems, such as operating systems including a main frame, groupware, a portal, mail, etc. Since full use of virtual technology is made, if one virtual machine is counted among one set, the total number of servers will amount to about 1000 sets.

Private cloud of KIRIN is not completion now. Virtual technology is used and concentration of the further server hardware is advanced. The server which is applying as a virtual machine now is about 30% of the whole. This will be increased to about 50% in 2010. Therefore, reexamination of a server network will become the point from now on.

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NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

Posted in Data Center, Large by japanclouds on January 28, 2010

Jan.28 – Nomura Research Institute (NRI) announced building the new data center in Tama-city, Tokyo from which it becomes the 5th place in domestic and it turns into the 4th place in a metropolitan area. It becomes a base of the outsourcing enterprise to expand, and is utilized as a core base of the Cloud service.  The construction of a new data center is 19,496.3 square meters. The total floor area becomes a scale exceeding the "second data center of Yokohama" (15,888 square meters of total floor area) built in 2007. Thereby, as for the total floor area of all the data centers of NRI, the increase in about 30 percent is expected. NRI invests about 20 billion yen in construction of this new data center, and is planning the completion by March, 2013.

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Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large, Private, SaaS by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – So far, DCS made results, such as server virtual technology, large-scale data center employment, information security solution. In the company, the cloud use in in-company development environment and training environment is started first, and the cloud service will be continuously provided as private cloud environment and service bases, such as SaaS. With the cloud service of DCS, effective use of computing resources by advanced virtual technology, such as CPU, is promoted. The quick service in by a system automatic distribution function and offer of standard base environment which collected best practice become the feature.

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Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive

Posted in IBM, Large, Microsoft, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 15, 2010

Jan.15 – Panasonic will abandon Microsoft Exchange and go to IBM’s cloud-based LotusLive email and collaboration systems across worldwide operations. About 100,000 employees will be included in the initial migration, eventually expanding to more than 300,000 workers, partners, and suppliers. Financial terms were not disclosed. It’s a big news in also Japanese market.
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Fujitsu will provide “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” in this month

Posted in BPM, Fujitsu, Large by Agile Cat on January 3, 2010

Jan.4 -  The company will deliver the new version of their BPM late in a month. The minimum price will be at $60,000, Fujitsu said. The company with new version, has aimed to proceed the transparent views for business processes so that it ca be useful for also atypical business flows.

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Fujitsu dives into the Asian Market with Singapore Telecoms

Posted in Asia, Fujitsu, Large, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 24, 2009

Dec.24 – The company answered to the interviews of Mainichi Newspaper, and talked about their Asian cloud plan. In the plan, Fujitsu will provide some of cloud services including Business Management, Medical and any other cloud services. As domestic services, the company has already provided such services with NTT group, and will go to Asia with Singapore Telecoms.

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NEC will get 77 millions from the market

Posted in Economy, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on December 18, 2009

Dec.18 – The company announced to get 77 millions by December 24, because of, Daiwa Security SMB accepted the allocation of new stocks to a third party. NEC will also promote the capital increase by public offering, and will have over 1 billion of budget for cloud computing, next generation network, green technologies and so on.

It’s a big Xmas present to the company.

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NEC BIGLOBE will start a cloud device and services business with Android

Posted in Google, Large, Mobile, NEC by Agile Cat on December 17, 2009

Dec.17 – The company announced to start “cloud device and services business” which include Android, network connection and content services. This business will launch on 2010 and then will grow one million dollars by 2012, the company said. Regarding the device for Android, Camangi of Taiwan will deliver seven inch touch panel one.

Moreover, NEC Bi globe will launch an application distributed service named “Android Navi” on Jan.20101.
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NEC will provide "WebSAM" to the cloud market

Posted in Data Center, Large, Management, NEC by Agile Cat on December 16, 2009

Dec.16 – The company announced to enhance their total management product named “WebSAM Ver.8” to the data center market. It will provide the real time monitoring for databases and applications, including “WebSAM MCOperations”, “WebSAM Invariant Analyzer” and  “WebSAM Application Navigator”. Moreover, with “WebSAM AssetSuite”, the inventory management will also be supported.

J <> announced to collaborate with Japanese OEM partners

Posted in Large, SaaS, Salseforce by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company will support OEM partners to develop their cloud applications such as ERP and HR on platform. The some of partners – including NEC, Hitachi Software Engineering, Fujitsu – has already decided into this program. Except CRM application, whole of partners will able to develop their applications on the platform. This program will reduce 50% of development cost and will give five times faster to market, the company added.
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Nihon Unisys joins to the R&D of Saga Prefecture

Posted in Government, Large, Unisys by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company announced to join into the R&D project for local government cloud  of Saga Prefecture on Jan.2010. In this project, Nihon Unisys will collaborate with HP Japan, Cisco Japan and NetApp. It means the entrance for Japanese local government cloud, the company said.

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Toshiba Solution will go to Azure with CMS

Posted in Azure, Industries, Large, Toshiba by Agile Cat on November 24, 2009

Nov.24 – The company announced to provide CMS(Content Management System) for news paper industry with Microsoft Japan. In this agreement, Toshiba Solution will use SharePoint Server 2007 and Office 2007 to provide the system named “PressSTREAM DynamicCMS”.  In future, it will got to Azure, the company added.

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Fujitsu launched a new data center in Tatebayashi

Posted in Data Center, Fujitsu, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20- The company launched a new data center for the next generation computing in their famous Tatebayashi farm. It has 23,000  square meter of computing area, and provides robust security and low energy facilities. There are some of new infrastructure for the cloud computing, the company said.

Regarding PUE, there is no information.

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Major Japanese electronic companies focus in cloud BAs

Posted in Industries, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20 – Hitachi introduced a Business Analytics methodology named “Experience Oriented Approach”, since from last August.  With this way, the company consolidated processes and skill needed for agreements with customers, using clouds based on their design teams in home electronics divisions.

In addition,those kinds of BA are used in NEC, Fujitsu and IBM.

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Fujitsu group propose the inter cloud API specs

Posted in Fujitsu, Interoperability, Large, Social by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Nov.19 – Fujitsu and Fujitsu Lab. propose “Open Cloud Standards Incubator” to “Distributed Management Task Force(DMTF)” .  Open Cloud Standards Incubato will be a working group in that body, and will handle the interoperability of cloud computing with 37 members.

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IBM Japan started cloud consulting businesses with IBCS

Posted in Consulting, IBM, Large, MISCs by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Nov.19 – The company started two types of cloud consulting businesses with IBCS(IBM Consulting Services) . 1.Cloud Strategy Planning Supp rt includes seven styles of business models.  2.Cloud Apply Planning Supp rt gives action plans for cuscomers such as cloud ready-ness, effect measurement, choice of private/public and so on.

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BIGLOBE launches cloud mobile infrastructure services

Posted in Large, NEC, SaaS by Agile Cat on November 18, 2009

Nov.19 – BIGLOBE NEC has just launched the cloud services names “Mobizo” that provides strategy planning, site building and monitoring with the cost of initial $9000 and $900 per month. In this service, any contents providers will be able to deliver music, movie and so on.

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Hitachi Software announced to deliver a cloud service for on-line game

Posted in Hitachi, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on November 11, 2009

Nov.10 – The company announced to deliver a cloud service named “Game Cloud Service” to on-line gave vendors. Same as cloud for businesses, the service will provide some of elastic factors to those vendors, such as CPU, disk, memory and so on. So, with this service, on-line game vendors will be able to support any marketing events as well as reducing initial cost.

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Fujitsu announced to deliver "Business Process Manager" for atypical process and cloud integration

Posted in Fujitsu, Industries, Large, Public by Agile Cat on November 9, 2009

Nov.10 – The company announced to deliver “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” as a new part of their Interstage family. It’s a kind of middle-ware and visualizes atypical business processes. So far, with it’s previous version, Fujitsu has the results of over 20 countries and over 200 customers.

In the North American area, the company already addressed to integrate it with a public cloud.

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NEC announced to get the capital increase by public offering for clouds

Posted in Economy, Industries, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on November 6, 2009

Nov.6 – The company officially announced to get the capital increase up to 1.5 billion dollars by public offering, and will invest it to their growing fields such as cloud computing. 500 hundreds million will be spent to the clouds, and 200 million for lithium ion electric car battery, the company added.

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Fujitsu aims the hybrid new businesses

Posted in Economy, Fujitsu, Large, Private, Public by Agile Cat on November 3, 2009

Nov.2 – Yamamoto who’s VP of system products division said “The private means on-premises and public means clouds” in the announcement of their new infrastructure products for the private.  According to the investigation of Fujitsu, 1.3% of cloud against whole of IT in 2008, and it will be 20.1% in 2015. In other word, 80% of on-premises will remain in the market, furthermore, a lot of services form clouds will be inserted into the private and on-premises. It will make a seamless connections among these three. In the business model of Fujitsu, the private will be dealt, as on-premises, he added.

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Hitachi enhanced "Harmonious Cloud" as a private cloud solution

Posted in Hitachi, Large, PaaS, Private by Agile Cat on November 3, 2009

Nov.2 – The company enhanced their private cloud solution and PaaS environments of “Harmonious Cloud”. In this new lineup, customers will be able to chose some of vitalization environments consist of Virtage, VMware and Hyper-V. The company recommends Virtage for mission critical purpose, VMware and Hyper-V for legacy OS supports.

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NEC will deliver middleware "WebOTX V8.3" for cloud computing

Posted in Large, NEC, PaaS by Agile Cat on October 26, 2009

Oct.26 – The company explained about some of enhanced points including (1) more manageability and efficiency of batch processing, (2) modifying of service integration abilities among other products, (3) more suitable licensing style for clouds.

In this license style, customers will save 36% of costs against to current prices.

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Nihon Unisys will launch a datacenter in Sapporo

Posted in Data Center, Large, Unisys by Agile Cat on October 24, 2009

Oct.23 – The company announced to launch a could computing data center as an experimentation in Sapporo Hokkaido prefecture on next Feb. it means the first cloud data center in Hokkaido, expanding a current traditional one. It will get the efficient cooling with cold air of the north end of Japan.

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Fujitsu provides SaaS against influenza

Posted in Fujitsu, Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 21, 2009

Oct.21 – The company has just started to provide a management service for enterprises against new influenza .  With this service, enterprises will be able to register and manage the affected employees very soon, because of, it will be delivered as SaaS.

Regarding the prices, it will be $3000/month.

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Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank will employ IBM’s Desktop Cloud Service

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large by Agile Cat on October 19, 2009

Oct.19 – IBM Japan announced to deliver their Desktop Cloud Service to the bank. In this new service, the bank will introduce the thin client environment into their current PCs, and will launch it this December.

In other hand, IBM Japan will build the virtual desktop environment in their IBM Blade Center, and will consolidate resources in current PCs into the new environment.

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NEC opened "Cloud Plaza" in their head quarter

Posted in Large, NEC, PaaS, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 15, 2009

Oct.15 – The company launched “Cloud Plaza”, and will demonstrate the real environment of cloud computing to their customers, including SaaS and so on. The company announced to reconstruction of any divisions for the cloud shift last April. In the drastic management, a hundred thousand employees will change their positions each other.

NEC wants to reduce 20% of labor cost by 2012.

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NTT Communication will launch a cloud services as free trial

Posted in Large, Telecom by Agile Cat on October 8, 2009

Oct.8 – NTT Communication announced to start the free trial of their virtual hosting service named “Green Hosting Basic”. As the first step, the company will launch SETTEN (connection in Japanese and former BizCITY) based services form Oct.15.

The services will provide the high availability, based on robust datacenters and live migrations in failed, powered by Linux KVM.

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Hitachi Systems and Services launched the customer oriented cloud building businesses

Posted in Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 1, 2009

With the new services named “Hybrid Integration”, the company will combine their SaaS service with customer’s specified needs. Moreover, their customers can use Hitachi’s cloud services as the options.

The company has planed to grow their cloud businesses up to one hundred million dollars of sales by 2013.

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Fujitsu reconstructed industrial divisions

Posted in Economy, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on September 23, 2009

The company moved their 400 of engineers into subsidiaries so that the group can get power of specialized industrial fields. With the reconstruction, Fujitsu will focus also on the cloud computing.

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NTT Communications will launch their cloud "Biz Mail"

Posted in Large, SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on September 14, 2009

NTT Communications will launch a cloud mail services for Japanese enterprises named "Biz Mail" on Oct. 1. In the services, each of users will have the some of facilities including storage between 2GB and 10 GB, mail search, attached files and Web mail. Furthermore, users will be able to access to maps through the clicking addresses in mail body.

The price of this service will be at $7 per month, bit less than Microsoft Exchange Services and others in Japanese market. However, customers who have account numbers under 1000 will need the additional cost. NTT Communication wants have over 100 customers by March end of 2010.

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IBM Japan educates the cloud programming with Tokyo University of Technology

Posted in IBM, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 6, 2009

IBM Japan and Tokyo University of Technology announced to launch education course for the cloud programming on Sept.7. Both of contributors in this project have launched the network facility so that students can access to any contents of the course.

IBM Japan has provided a small test bench within their BladeCenter and WebSphere which can be accessed through network. Furthermore, students can exchange their notebooks, source code, documentations with professors via this system.

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Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) developed a SaaS system with NEC

Posted in Government, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on September 2, 2009

JA is the very large association, and has a business network that over all of Japanese agricultural field. NEC announced that association has started the network system which can be used in any JA shops.

The business of JA groups consisted of bank / insurance / sales/ purchasing, and any subsidiaries issued each of point system so far. The system integrates whole of point systems into same environments.

By the end of 2009, seven prefecture offices of JA will join into this system, and forty prefecture and five million members of JA will join by 2012.

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Only five vendors grew in 2008

Posted in Economy, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 1, 2009

The almost Japanese large vendors slide down in 2008, however only five vendors who are Fujitsu / NTT Data / HP Japan / CTC / NRI grew their businesses. Common trends of those companies means the concentration on project, design and outsourcing.

The depression has gone through also 2009, and every Japanese vendors expect to go forward with cloud computing.

—- IDG Japan Reports — Sept.2

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