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NTT Communications will start cloud management portals.

Posted in Communication, Management, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 23, 2009

Dec. 22 – The company  will launch cloud management portals named "Biz Hosting" against to the needs of cloud computing on Jan. 2010.  It features the under 100m sec duration across world wide.  With this  service, US west coast San Jose, east coast Virginia, London and Asia will be targeted worldwide data center areas.

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NEC will provide "WebSAM" to the cloud market

Posted in Data Center, Large, Management, NEC by Agile Cat on December 16, 2009

Dec.16 – The company announced to enhance their total management product named “WebSAM Ver.8” to the data center market. It will provide the real time monitoring for databases and applications, including “WebSAM MCOperations”, “WebSAM Invariant Analyzer” and  “WebSAM Application Navigator”. Moreover, with “WebSAM AssetSuite”, the inventory management will also be supported.

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Platform announced to sell a solution to private cloud market

Posted in Management, Private, Small-Middle, vitalization by Agile Cat on November 27, 2009

Nov.27 – The company announce to deliver “Private cloud Solution Package” to reduce the time of employing. It will include hardware, software and service of building so that the customers can be happy. Because of, additional services such as vitalization and management tools included, the quick solution will be provided.

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