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IBM Japan started cloud consulting businesses with IBCS

Posted in Consulting, IBM, Large, MISCs by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Nov.19 – The company started two types of cloud consulting businesses with IBCS(IBM Consulting Services) . 1.Cloud Strategy Planning Supp rt includes seven styles of business models.  2.Cloud Apply Planning Supp rt gives action plans for cuscomers such as cloud ready-ness, effect measurement, choice of private/public and so on.

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CTC launched a cloud integration service with Google

Posted in Google, MISCs by Agile Cat on November 9, 2009

Nov.10 – In this new business, the company has delivered “HP Internet Appliance” client so that their customers will be able to use “Google Apps Premier Edition” easily and in security. CTC has a lot of results in infrastructure developments, and opened a multi vendor testing center last Oct.1.

Of course, Google’s Chrome has been already tested in their facility.

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Kadokawa_GDH and NTT agreed to start cloud content businesses

Posted in MISCs, Publishing, Telecom by Agile Cat on November 6, 2009

Nov.6 – Both of parties exchanged contracts to start cloud content businesses each other. In their scenario, a new company will be started in this year so that PC, TV , Mobile and so on will be supported in the contents delivered services by the end of next June.

Details of this agreement isn’t concrete now.

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