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[Column] Revolution of media – A contact point of Electronic Book and Japanese publishing circles

Posted in Publishing, SaaS by japanclouds on February 8, 2010

The "JEPA Japan Electronic Publishing Association" organized by 13 companies of major company publication, such as Kodansha, Shinchosha, and Shogakukan, started deliberations in January of this year, about the full-scale correspondence to electronic publishing. One of members has spoken as follows. "What suited some press reports is not done. That is, we do not block contents. If the talk is settled by a proper rule and rates, contents should be offered positively."

Unlike the U.S., Japan has rule of the market by major company commission, and there are many small bookstores. Therefore, in the case of Japan, probably, a certain relief disposal is needed when shifting to an electron from paper. Amazon Japan aims at the Japanese version service start in Kindle around October, this year. In that case, what do we do with a newspaper world?

Takashi Kawachi

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The motion of the newspaper industry of Japan is actually slow. For example, in the case of Nikkei, charged contents offer was started, but the price is the same thing of 4000 yen as paper. They are wishing it wants without extending the sale of electronic media. That is, it is the postponement in question and the persons in charge of management have escaped from reality.  — A.C.


Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan

Posted in Financial, IBM, Large, Private, SaaS by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – So far, DCS made results, such as server virtual technology, large-scale data center employment, information security solution. In the company, the cloud use in in-company development environment and training environment is started first, and the cloud service will be continuously provided as private cloud environment and service bases, such as SaaS. With the cloud service of DCS, effective use of computing resources by advanced virtual technology, such as CPU, is promoted. The quick service in by a system automatic distribution function and offer of standard base environment which collected best practice become the feature.

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NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS

Posted in Microsoft, NEC, SaaS, Small-Middle by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – According to the announcement of NEC, the cloud service "BPOS" which Microsoft provides will be cooperated in the business by the sale for a small-scale company and SOHO.  BPOS is the service which includes four functions, such as Exchange Online, to the set among the on-line services for companies of "Microsoft Online Services", and 10 dollars in a month per one user is possible for it.

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Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive

Posted in IBM, Large, Microsoft, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 15, 2010

Jan.15 – Panasonic will abandon Microsoft Exchange and go to IBM’s cloud-based LotusLive email and collaboration systems across worldwide operations. About 100,000 employees will be included in the initial migration, eventually expanding to more than 300,000 workers, partners, and suppliers. Financial terms were not disclosed. It’s a big news in also Japanese market.
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Brain Child and NIC will build a cloud test center in Vietnam

Posted in Asia, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 14, 2010

Jan.15 – Brain Child and NIC (Nippon Information and Communication) announced to build a cloud test center in Vietnam. It’s a joint business with VIJA Power Source of Vietnam who will provide Tier3 class data center into this project.  BI software Pentaho will be validated as SaaS in this project by the end of 2010, so that the local Japanese companies can use it safety.

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NTT Data Intra Mart and NTT Com will deliver cloud style mail services

Posted in SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on January 13, 2010

Jan.13 – NTT Data Intra Mart announced to deliver cloud style mail services based on the NTT Com’s “Biz Mail.” It will be associated with a groupware named “Intranet Start Pack” on their “Intra Mart.” The customers will get 10GB of disk space, and will be able to use some of mobile phone including NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU and so on.

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A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps

Posted in e-Learning, Fujitsu, Google, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 10, 2010

Jan.11 – Fujitsu Learning Media who’s a subsidiary of Fujitsu will introduce Google Apps to their 600 of employees, instead of the traditional IT coming from their parent Fujitsu. The company plans to deliver an educational services around Google Apps to their customers, and has just needed to have the experiences for it. Anyway, It’s a kind of surprising!

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CTC started "ePromo" as a TransPromo compliant service

Posted in Industries, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 6, 2010

Jan.6. – The company started to sell "ePromo", according to the agreement with Pitney Bowes Software on Oct.2009. It’s a kind of TransPromo (Transaction Mail Promotion) compliant service, and aims to take a hundred million dollar of sales by 2013. CTC delivers it as SaaS from their data center, and will add a payment service in this year.

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NetMatrix launched a new business named "EC-Success"

Posted in eCommerce, SaaS by Agile Cat on December 17, 2009

Dec.18 – The company will  promote the productivity of EC mall tenants with their "EC-Success" on platform.  With this service, customers who’s  mall tenants  will be able to navigate the acceptance order, inventory control and any marketing functions through Web browsers. At the beginning, the service connects with some of major EC sites such as Rakuten, Yahoo!, Bidders, Amazon, Gournavi, EC-Cube and so on.

J <> announced to collaborate with Japanese OEM partners

Posted in Large, SaaS, Salseforce by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company will support OEM partners to develop their cloud applications such as ERP and HR on platform. The some of partners – including NEC, Hitachi Software Engineering, Fujitsu – has already decided into this program. Except CRM application, whole of partners will able to develop their applications on the platform. This program will reduce 50% of development cost and will give five times faster to market, the company added.
J <> gives pressure to Japanese System Integrators

Posted in, PaaS, SaaS by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company announced to launch their OEM program that will provide platform to Japanese major system integrators. In present, there are eleven partners including NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Software Engineering and so on. In other hand, it gives the very strong presser to Japanese System integrators, and will accelerate the moving to cloud in Japanese market.

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NTT Data announced to launch "BizCloud"

Posted in Consulting, PaaS, SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on December 8, 2009

Dec.9 – The company will start “BizCloud”  as their brand, and will provide services form IaaS to SaaS. It will include Private Cloud to specific customers and Community Cloud shared by multi customers. NTT Data wants to provide the comprehensive services consist of SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, cloud building by customers, utilizing of cloud, consulting and so on.
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BIGLOBE launches cloud mobile infrastructure services

Posted in Large, NEC, SaaS by Agile Cat on November 18, 2009

Nov.19 – BIGLOBE NEC has just launched the cloud services names “Mobizo” that provides strategy planning, site building and monitoring with the cost of initial $9000 and $900 per month. In this service, any contents providers will be able to deliver music, movie and so on.

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AIG Edison Life Insurance goes to cloud with sales systems

Posted in Industries, SaaS by Agile Cat on November 18, 2009

Nov.18 -  The company announced to go to the cloud, using their SaaS for sales systems named "Sales Cloud" with  It will be deployed to over 5000 employees, and will be accessed from iPhone, so that  it can be the useful services for their sales and estimation in the portal site.

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Startia shakes hands with BrandDialog in SaaS business

Posted in SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 31, 2009

Oct.28 – The company will start to deliver a SaaS comes from BrandDialog, as a part of their office facility service on next Jan. At the starting of this alliance, a groupware “Digit@Link GRIDY+” will be provided first, and then SFA/CRM “Knowledge Suite” will follow.

Both of parties aim to deliver those services to small-middle businesses.

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NS Solutions launches a Web style conference service with V-Cube

Posted in Industries, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 31, 2009

Oct.27 – The company announced to provide a Web conference service named “nice to meet you” form V-Cube on their platform “absonne”.  This service “nice to meet you @absonne” will deliver Web Seminar, Video Streaming and so on, as well as the conference service.

NS Solution aims at one million dollars sales on 2012 with this service.

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Fujitsu provides SaaS against influenza

Posted in Fujitsu, Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 21, 2009

Oct.21 – The company has just started to provide a management service for enterprises against new influenza .  With this service, enterprises will be able to register and manage the affected employees very soon, because of, it will be delivered as SaaS.

Regarding the prices, it will be $3000/month.

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NEC opened "Cloud Plaza" in their head quarter

Posted in Large, NEC, PaaS, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 15, 2009

Oct.15 – The company launched “Cloud Plaza”, and will demonstrate the real environment of cloud computing to their customers, including SaaS and so on. The company announced to reconstruction of any divisions for the cloud shift last April. In the drastic management, a hundred thousand employees will change their positions each other.

NEC wants to reduce 20% of labor cost by 2012.

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Cyboze announced to collaborate with IIJ

Posted in SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 8, 2009

Oct.8 – Both of Cyboze and IIJ will collaborate each other in cloud computing field. Cyboze will deploy their SaaS groupware named “Garuune” on IIJ’s cloud computing platform named “IIJGIO”. Also, both of parties will integrate “Garuune” and IIJ’s mail security service named “iiMail Suite”.

Regarding ID management, “iiMail” customers will be able to use current one within “Garrune”.

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Terilogy announced to make the new businesses with NIHON Unisys

Posted in PaaS, SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 5, 2009

Oct.5, Terilogy announced the choice of NIHON Unisys to introduce monitoring system named “eG Enterprise Suite” from eG Innovations, Inc. The product will be used for the SaaS and PaaS management of Unisys cloud businesses.

The system is designed especially for virtualized infrastructure including Web servers, applications and databases which live in multiple layers.

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Hitachi Systems and Services launched the customer oriented cloud building businesses

Posted in Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 1, 2009

With the new services named “Hybrid Integration”, the company will combine their SaaS service with customer’s specified needs. Moreover, their customers can use Hitachi’s cloud services as the options.

The company has planed to grow their cloud businesses up to one hundred million dollars of sales by 2013.

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Cyboze and Microsoft Japan will deliver a new group ware

Posted in Azure, SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on September 27, 2009

Both parties signed on the alliance Sept.28, and will go forward to deliver a new group ware based on SharePoint Server by early 2010. The new business of Cyboze focus on the enterprise customers, as a kind of SaaS. Microsoft Japan will support Cyboze, as a reinforcement of their partnership.

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NTT Communications will launch their cloud "Biz Mail"

Posted in Large, SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on September 14, 2009

NTT Communications will launch a cloud mail services for Japanese enterprises named "Biz Mail" on Oct. 1. In the services, each of users will have the some of facilities including storage between 2GB and 10 GB, mail search, attached files and Web mail. Furthermore, users will be able to access to maps through the clicking addresses in mail body.

The price of this service will be at $7 per month, bit less than Microsoft Exchange Services and others in Japanese market. However, customers who have account numbers under 1000 will need the additional cost. NTT Communication wants have over 100 customers by March end of 2010.

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