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Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs

Posted in Government, Social by japanclouds on February 11, 2010

Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs. It entered by the end of this month, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and each prefecture announced the plan about local government cloud deployment. They show the very useful system on condition of sharing of resources, and are what should be welcomed. However, there is no perfect policy etc. anywhere. Therefore, media need to point out a problem and need to make people think.

I was surprised for me to read the report of Nikkei. It is because the question from media or problem institution do not exist there at all. Japanese people call their country Galapagos masochistically about the market of a cellular phone. Although it is wrong to criticize only media, it cannot be denied that they are also responsible.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will perform the hearing about cloud to people. About it, post is due to be carried out to later. The administrative organization is more sensitive to a computing era than media in Japan.


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Mr. Takachi of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made reference on February 4 about the development experimentation of local government cloud by 6 prefectures 66 cities in 2009. And it explained "Economy of scale is born by each local government sharing a system, and mitigation of the expense burden of computerization can be expected."

Moreover, it goes into the stage which invites a public comment by the end of this month also about "maintenance of an ASP/SaaS introduction guideline", and standardization of the kind and expressive form of data, a character code, an external character, etc. is also advanced. On the other hand, the decision is also advanced about the standard specification of service so that the shift to cloud may not cause vendor lock in.   And the negative view was shown about public cloud’s use by  local government.

The local government cloud and various kinds of ASP/SaaS are employed by "LGWAN" which is the closed network. It is recognition called what is called private cloud there.


In order to pull out a cost merit, administrative organization and private enterprises need to use cloud together, therefore consciousness reform is important. Mr. Yasuhiro Yamato of Oita Prefecture pointed out the subject at the time of a local government using cloud in "all-prefectures CIO forum 2010 spring meeting" held on February 4. Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture install a  local government cloud promotion conference, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications advocates is undertaken.

And a cost merit does not come out in IaaS which only a  local government uses. Administrative organization and private enterprises indicated that consciousness reform of using the same data center is important. Furthermore, there is no resistance to this joint use, and the view that it can promote was shown.


February 4 and Hokkaido announced the outline of local government cloud experimentation via a network. 18 cities, towns and villages in Hokkaido participate in this experiment, and it is provided with data etc. It is due to look for the private entrepreneur for building a system simultaneously, and to contract in April. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications promotes this actual proof experiment. And five prefectures, such as Kyoto and Saga Prefecture, participate besides Hokkaido.  As a budget for that, 370 million yen is added up in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


Keio University supports Otaki village for their sightseeing biz

Posted in Government, Industries, Social by Agile Cat on January 3, 2010

Jan.4 – Using the cloud computing, the university supports Otaki village in Nagano prefecture. The small village wants to promote their sightseeing business with small budget, and  pays attention to the cloud computing. It’s a kind of pioneer of use case for cloud computing, in the very small local governments.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) goes forward with clouds

Posted in Government, Social by Agile Cat on December 9, 2009

Dec.9 – MIC announced to promote the cloud strategy to whole of local government systems, and will plot out the guidance for security issues next year. In the current those systems with 8 million dollars of management cost per year, the whole of private data are in the LAN of local offices. After the moving to clouds, it will be stored in data center at the out side of government office, so the guidance should be plotted out.

With this project, the government will reduce 30% of costs.

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Fujitsu Launches Cloud Services in North America

Posted in PaaS, Social by Agile Cat on December 9, 2009

Dec.8 – The Japanese systems maker enters the cloud-building market relatively late. Most of the larger IT hardware and software companies already have stakes in the ground, and there are a large number of startups already at the party. Fujitsu announced Dec. 8 that it is joining the ever-expanding “cloud-builder” club of Tier 1 IT companies.

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Five businesses will try the cloud data center experimentation on

Posted in Data Center, Social by Agile Cat on November 27, 2009

No.27 – The five companies – IIJ, Toshiba,  NLM ECAL, Nohmi and Kawamura – announced to start the cloud datacenter experimentation on Feb. 2010. In this experimentation, a natural cooling and modular data center will be used to aim the reducing facility cost and build period, and increasing of well power utilizing.

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Fujitsu group propose the inter cloud API specs

Posted in Fujitsu, Interoperability, Large, Social by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Nov.19 – Fujitsu and Fujitsu Lab. propose “Open Cloud Standards Incubator” to “Distributed Management Task Force(DMTF)” .  Open Cloud Standards Incubato will be a working group in that body, and will handle the interoperability of cloud computing with 37 members.

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Google Chrome OS press conference

Posted in Events, Google, Social by Agile Cat on November 19, 2009

Google is hosting a press event at 10 a.m. PST at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters to update the world on its plans for world domination via the release of its second operating system (after Android), the Google Chrome OS (FAQ). Google VP Sundar Pichai and Engineering Director Matthew Papakipos will reveal technical details and launch plans, and will have demos. Google will be streaming the announcement.

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NTT Docomo launched PETA mining system

Posted in Hadoop, Mobile, Social, Telecom by Agile Cat on November 1, 2009

Nov.1 – The company has started the peta mining project  and built facilities named “Social Brain” with 200 servers last July. In this project, Docomo will address to analysis large data for city planning and improve traffic network, with it’s real-time population research.

However, it’s in the experimentation phase, and will need some other factors, the company added.

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MITI has gotten 220000 page views in a week

Posted in Government, Social by Agile Cat on October 27, 2009

Oct.23 – The authority announced to have 220000 page views of their “e-Government Idea Box” in a week. It started on Oct.14 and will close Nov.14. At the noon of Oct.21, in the top hit chart, 1: On-line SNS, 2: Introducing RSS, 3: Utilizing Twitter and so on, there are.

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Linus Torvalds talked in Tokyo

Posted in Events, Social by Agile Cat on October 21, 2009

Oct.21 – Linus talked about the future of Linux in Tokyo – Japan Linux Symposium. "Devices will be smaller than now, however, the role of operating system will be more important." he said. "In the cloud era, small devices will have much more requirements, and  Linux should be adjusted to such purposes."

Regarding Windows 7, I don’t compare Linux with other one. Just before, I knew the release date of Windows  7, he added.

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Special program “Twitter” of NHK

Posted in Social by Agile Cat on October 19, 2009

Oct.16 – Japanese National TV – NHK – Picked up Twitter and aired a special program as the social movement in also Japanese society. You can watch the program thorough Youtube, however in Japanese. Anyway, Twitter stays and will stay in the Japanese society. NHK gave the required proof.

A major common paper ASAHI talked the about cloud

Posted in Social by Agile Cat on October 13, 2009

Oct.13 – ASAHI introduced the result of IDC’s Cloud Services Forecast that describes the cloud market to achieve 442 billion dollars and 10% of whole IT investing by 2013.

In the Japanese market, it’s very rare that major common paper to focus on such buzz word. Also, the paper picked up some key words such as Amazon EC2/S3, private/public, internal cloud and external cloud and so on.

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NetOne announced to start a cloud alliance

Posted in Associations, Social by Agile Cat on September 9, 2009

Cloud Business Alliance (CBA) offered by NetOne will startup on early Nov. In this alliance, the members will use 3tera’s AppLogic mainly, and support Saas, PaaS and IaaS layers. “If the customers go through these three layers, they will be able to get and understand the advantages of Cloud” Osamu Sawada president of NetOne said.

As the organizing registration members, 13 companies joined already. After the launching, the alliance will involve companies who are in the fields of SaaS, Server Management, Data Center, Software Development and so on.

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Kyushu University joined to the cloud of IBM and Google

Posted in Hadoop, Social by Agile Cat on September 9, 2009

Kyushu University joined to IBM/Google Cloud Computing University Initiative, as a first comer from Japanese universities. Same as Washington University, Carnegie Mellon University, and MIT, the university will be able to use larger clusters provides by IBM and Google.

Kyushuu University focuses on 3D maps, Hadoop distributed programming environment, and the relationship between private and public clouds.

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IBM Japan educates the cloud programming with Tokyo University of Technology

Posted in IBM, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 6, 2009

IBM Japan and Tokyo University of Technology announced to launch education course for the cloud programming on Sept.7. Both of contributors in this project have launched the network facility so that students can access to any contents of the course.

IBM Japan has provided a small test bench within their BladeCenter and WebSphere which can be accessed through network. Furthermore, students can exchange their notebooks, source code, documentations with professors via this system.

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Windows Plus Services Consortium (wipse) launched Windows Azure experimentation

Posted in Associations, Azure, Social by Agile Cat on September 1, 2009

In TechED Japan session taken place in Yokohama in this August end, the consortium showed their Windows Azure experimentation framework. Kazutoshi Ono — Interoperability WG leader — talked about the advantage of .NET Services Bus, and Eizaburo Tamaki — Service WG leader — demonstrated the payment infrastructures of this framework.

wipse promotes this framework to their members, and expects to leverage the Windows Azure movement. As a result of 2008, the consortium came out well the OpenXML experimentation already.

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Only five vendors grew in 2008

Posted in Economy, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 1, 2009

The almost Japanese large vendors slide down in 2008, however only five vendors who are Fujitsu / NTT Data / HP Japan / CTC / NRI grew their businesses. Common trends of those companies means the concentration on project, design and outsourcing.

The depression has gone through also 2009, and every Japanese vendors expect to go forward with cloud computing.

—- IDG Japan Reports — Sept.2

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