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What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?

Posted in Asia, Data Center, Telecom, vitalization by Agile Cat on January 11, 2010

Jan.12 –  The company had provided and managed the global data center services in the world, and answered to the interview of ITmedia in the month for those matters. In their global scenario, 19 countries and 29 cities are supported by the premium data center of NTT Com. In addition, the company aims to employee some of cloud technologies that provide more efficient and low cost solutions to their customers. For instance, the company will the virtual hosting services in Hong Kong, US and UK in this year.

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Platform announced to sell a solution to private cloud market

Posted in Management, Private, Small-Middle, vitalization by Agile Cat on November 27, 2009

Nov.27 – The company announce to deliver “Private cloud Solution Package” to reduce the time of employing. It will include hardware, software and service of building so that the customers can be happy. Because of, additional services such as vitalization and management tools included, the quick solution will be provided.

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ClassCat announced to provide the cloud appliance to hosting businesses

Posted in Amazon, Open Source, PaaS, Small-Middle, vitalization by Agile Cat on November 24, 2009

Nov.24 – The company announced to provide the cloud appliance named “ClassCat Cloud” on Jan. 2010. It’s a kind of blade server including Amazon EC2 compatible technologies and “ClassCat Cute Server Manager Enterprise Edition”.  It’s also supports Xen and KVM as vitalization technologies, and Eucalyptus as Amazon EC2 compatible cloud technologies.

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