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Softbank supplies "White Plan" into the Japanese cloud market

Posted in HaaS, Softbank, Telecom by japanclouds on January 17, 2010

Jan. 18 – There have been a lot of entrepreneurs who enter into HaaS (hardware as a service) which offers a server resource as service with virtual technology. A rate level equivalent to the foreign-operations company who precedes, and the sense of security which can carry out data storage in domestic home are made sale. The entry menu which held down prices, such as the Softbank telecom which cut the monthly amount of 50 dollars, is the feature. Japanese communication enterprises enters into Cloud computing market with  watchword "overthrow and Amazon EC2", formally from next spring. What each company supplies is HaaS which only a required part provides with a server’s hard resource via a network using virtual technology. Each company arranges a mouth as having developed to the benchmark EC2 of U.S. which can elastic performance for a short time according to processing load

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ClassCat announced to provide the cloud appliance to hosting businesses

Posted in Amazon, Open Source, PaaS, Small-Middle, vitalization by Agile Cat on November 24, 2009

Nov.24 – The company announced to provide the cloud appliance named “ClassCat Cloud” on Jan. 2010. It’s a kind of blade server including Amazon EC2 compatible technologies and “ClassCat Cute Server Manager Enterprise Edition”.  It’s also supports Xen and KVM as vitalization technologies, and Eucalyptus as Amazon EC2 compatible cloud technologies.

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JB Group launched their cloud businesses

Posted in PaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 7, 2009

Oct.7 – JBCC Holdings announced to launch the facilities to evaluate and detect cloud computing technologies for their customers and partners. The company will also leverage cloud computing businesses with their twelve subsidiaries.

In this plan, the company will open “Cloud Integration center” for VMware, vSphere, IBM CloudBrust, Windows Azure, Google Apps, and Amazon EC2.

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