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As for interoperability, becoming the essential important matter in PaaS?

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February 23, Tech-Days 2010 opened by Hotel Ground Pacific in Toyo.  Everyone was surprised to the message video of Ray Ozzie being screened in the opening of conference. Ray Ozzie, through this message video, fascinated the most people who get together in the meeting place. The fact that Ray Ozzie builds is the big result, Windows Azure.  In 2008 spring, what he declares with MIX is propulsion of the cloud. Furthermore, the fact that he entrusts is in the future of the enormous organization, Microsoft.  Ray Ozzie improved Windows Azure, and reformed also organization itself.

If with this message video, the impressive part is extracted, it becomes speech below, probably will be.
”We realize the wave of the reactivation which it visits in IT industry.” But, such a cute message, is dispatched to imitation, it can presume that there was very hardship. Because, by the fact that Windows Azure is propelled, the business model of big business Microsoft is changed.  Therefore, as for Ray Ozzie needing, to persuade the boards of directors of the carrier which is longer than him was.

From Microsoft’s Creative Destruction (Dick Brass) which is published to New York Times, the fighting where it can force Ray it is and can presume easily. In addition, by the fact that the interview of Gartner is read, we understand the circumstances to which he educates the engineers who cannot use professional service. And now, Ray Ozzie, between several opensource products and Windows Azure, has been about to actualize interoperability. That, rather than saying, that the policy of from the past Microsoft is modified, is the attempt which throws away the rule of the company, is the road which everyone avoids.

Story changes, but as for “P” of PaaS, in other words the concept of Platform in the cloud, sooner or later that is a point which you say somewhere whether it is gathered and summarized. Conclusion of that time became that it probably is unreasonable, however, an opinion agreed concerning the point that, it is interoperability, as the important primary factor of “P.”

Furthermore, between .Net Service Bus and  AppFabric, there is no great difference, and when it had the rough way of speaking, the different recognition also of the point that it is a name corresponded.  That is, Ray Ozzie’s thinking will be wiping out the name of .Net. Of course, as technology. Net is healthy and, even from this, it keeps being called with the name, probably will be. But, the fact that it is PaaS to which Windows Azure has interoperability is symbolized, unless .NET is suitable as a general term of the service bus, it can presume that Ray Ozzie thinks. As for the reason of this name modification, you see other than that and do not hit.

The fact that Ray Ozzie aims probably is the heterogeneous conversion of Windows Azure. Until you say, typical case of the hetero cloud is Amazon AWS, without, but that layer is IaaS. And, the seat of hetero PaaS has been less crowded. In other words, Amazon AWS aims toward hetero IaaS, Windows Azure aims toward hetero PaaS.  Such a trend is visible, faintly. That way when you thought, in these both the arm where may be a possibility of coexisting it does. And, it was announced on February 22nd of American time, it seems the cross license regarding the patent between both and that coherence meets. The hetero cloud is strengthened, how in addition, would like to keep observing whether how it spreads.


Where does Ray Ozzie lead Microsoft?


Yano Research expects the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market

Posted in Economy, Private by Agile Cat on December 21, 2009

Dec.21 – The Researcher talked about the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market that will would achieve to 8 billions on 2115. In the report of Yano, the market scale of 2009 means 1.5 billion, and it will grow quickly on 2010, and will get 4 billions on 2113. To against with world wide large cloud providers such as, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Japanese cloud providers will aim to get the private cloud customers, the researcher added.

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NetMatrix launched a new business named "EC-Success"

Posted in eCommerce, SaaS by Agile Cat on December 17, 2009

Dec.18 – The company will  promote the productivity of EC mall tenants with their "EC-Success" on platform.  With this service, customers who’s  mall tenants  will be able to navigate the acceptance order, inventory control and any marketing functions through Web browsers. At the beginning, the service connects with some of major EC sites such as Rakuten, Yahoo!, Bidders, Amazon, Gournavi, EC-Cube and so on.

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IMJ Mobile launched support serivces for Amazon EC2

Posted in Amazon, Mobile, PaaS by Agile Cat on November 24, 2009

Nov.24 – The company launched "Amazon EC2 Adoption Services" which consist of  planning, design, build and management for EC2 environments. In addition to those standard services, the mail magazine for mobile and the access analysis services will also be delivered.

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A major common paper ASAHI talked the about cloud

Posted in Social by Agile Cat on October 13, 2009

Oct.13 – ASAHI introduced the result of IDC’s Cloud Services Forecast that describes the cloud market to achieve 442 billion dollars and 10% of whole IT investing by 2013.

In the Japanese market, it’s very rare that major common paper to focus on such buzz word. Also, the paper picked up some key words such as Amazon EC2/S3, private/public, internal cloud and external cloud and so on.

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IT Core announced their cloud services – $100/month

Posted in PaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 5, 2009

Like of Aamzon EC2, IT Core will launch the on-demand IaaS named “ GrowServer2010” Nov.1. Since from 2004, the company has provided “GrowServer” based on VMware, as a hosting service.

Comparing with EC2, the service requires bit more money, however, it includes 90GB of persistent disk services against to Amazon S3. So the total prices will be less than EC2, the company says.

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