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The outline of posting in “Japan Clouds” January 2010

Posted in .Chronicle by japanclouds on January 31, 2010

Four months have passed since this site started. It was interested in the point in what kind of interest overseas people have in Cloud computing of Japan. It is the height of the concern about a governmental policy, and the concern about local government cloud which is felt for No. 1. Even in the Japanese market, Windows Azure has started and Salesforce has also expanded the share. I am glad, if you continue and being got interested in Japanese Cloud. The following is a wrap up the posts in January. Please enjoy!


01: A Happy New Year
04: RICOH will provide a cloud printing solution
04: Fujitsu will provide “Interstage Business Process Manager V11” in this month
04: Keio University supports Otaki village for their sightseeing biz
04: NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China
04: NTT Data announced to launch a joint venture in Tianjin China
06: CTC started "ePromo" as a TransPromo compliant service
11: A subsidiary of Fujitsu has chosen Google Apps
12: What’s the Biz Hosting Global in NTT Com?
12: NTT Smart Connect shakes hands with Ooyala
13: A standard specification for local government clouds
13: Microsoft will provide an another cloud with IIJ?
13: NTT Data Intra Mart and NTT Com will deliver cloud style mail services
13: KDDI Web Communications will shake hands with Google
13: Will Nagasaki provide their government cloud to other prefectures?
14: IBM Japan established a cloud division for the promotion
14: Oita and Miyazaki prefectures employee two of local IT shops
15: Brain Child and NIC will build a cloud test center in Vietnam
15: Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive
18: Softbank supplies "White Plan" into the Japanese cloud market
18: etolabo provided a distributed KVS "kumofs" as OSS
19: Japanese Cabinet Office builds a national opinion interview site with cloud
19: Marubeni dives into their private cloud
19: Otsuka will launch a private cloud for small and middle customers
21: Miyazaki and Oita prefectures start the local government cloud sharing
22: Otsuka cooperates with KDDI in their private cloud businesses
22: NTT Data announced the outline of their BizCloud
25: NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS
25: Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS utilizes "IBM CloudBurst" of IBM Japan
27: KDDI is utilizing an overseas data center and builds Cloud between international
28: NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

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Japan Clouds on Dec. 2009

Posted in .Chronicle by Agile Cat on December 30, 2009

03: RICOH shakes hands with Novell to provide virtual solutions
04: Reed Exhibitions Japan will take place Cloud Computing Expo on May 2010
08: Fujitsu Launches Cloud Services in North America
09: NTT Data announced to launch "BizCloud"
09: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) goes forward with clouds
09: Riverbed will start businesses of RiOS 6.0 and Steelhead Mobile 3.0 in here
11: Google invests 360 million to Asian marine cable
14: Google, Cables and the Future of the Web
14: BitIsle will give a cloud service for digital content providers
15: announced to collaborate with Japanese OEM partners
15: Nihon Unisys joins to the R&D of Saga Prefecture
15: gives pressure to Japanese System Integrators
16: Nagasaki Prefecture announced to introduce electronic application procedures as a cloud
16: NEC will provide "WebSAM" to the cloud market
17: Nissho Electronics started to sell a private cloud startup kit
17: NetMatrix launched a new business named "EC-Success"
17: NEC BIGLOBE will start a cloud device and services business with Android
18: NEC will get 77 millions from the market
21: Yano Research expects the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market
21: Intech will launch IT infrastructure services on clouds
23: NTT Communications will start cloud management portals.
24: Fujitsu dives into the Asian Market with Singapore Telecoms
27: Softbank BB announced an e-Learning system on the cloud
28: Saga prefecture chooses NTT Data
28: Softbank BB announced an e-Learning system on the cloud

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Japan Clouds on Nov. 2009

Posted in .Chronicle by Agile Cat on November 30, 2009

01: NTT Docomo launched PETA mining system
02: Hitachi enhanced "Harmonious Cloud" as a private cloud solution
02: Fujitsu aims the hybrid new businesses
04: INET collaborates with Fujitsu_SSL in the cloud management
05: Microsoft takes place Developer Forum 2009 in Tokyo
06: NEC announced to get the capital increase by public offering for clouds
06: Kadokawa_GDH and NTT agreed to start cloud content businesses
07: NTT West will deliver ten times faster network
10: CTC launched a cloud integration service with Google
10: Fujitsu announced to deliver "Business Process Manager" for atypical process and cloud integration
10: Hitachi Software announced to deliver a cloud service for on-line game
10: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will reduce the cost with cloud
10: Nihon System Ware (NSW) announced to launch hosting and support businesses
11: David Chappell interview by Masahiko Issiki
13: Overview of Hadoop Conference 2009 in Japan – English Edition
17: Microsoft PDC09 Keynote 1 – Wrapping Up
18: Softbank Telecoms announced to launch cloud services named "White Cloud"
18: AIG Edison Life Insurance goes to cloud with sales systems
19: BIGLOBE launches cloud mobile infrastructure services
19: IBM Japan started cloud consulting businesses with IBCS
19: Fujitsu group propose the inter cloud API specs
20: Google Chrome OS press conference
20: IHI Scube launched cloud storage building services
20: Major Japanese electronic companies focus in cloud BAs
20: Equinix Japan changed the sales estimation to go to up
20: MapReduce in Microsoft’s DryadLINQ
20: Fujitsu launched a new data center in Tatebayashi
24: TIS announced to launch cloud infrastructure optimizing services
24: ClassCat announced to provide the cloud appliance to hosting businesses
24: Nippon Computer Kaihatsu launched PaaS to small and middle customers
24: Toshiba Solution will go to Azure with CMS
24: IMJ Mobile launched support serivces for Amazon EC2
26: Secure Brain launched anti-virus services on cloud
27: Platform announced to sell a solution to private cloud market
30: Tokyo Electron Device extends security products for cloud
30: Quality launched document management services on cloud

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Japan Clouds on Oct. 2009

Posted in .Chronicle by Agile Cat on October 31, 2009

01: Hitachi Systems and Services launched the customer oriented cloud building businesses
05: NTT Data talked about "Kasumigaseki cloud" and "Local Government Cloud"
05: IIJ announced their cloud services – $80/month
05: Terilogy announced to make the new businesses with NIHON Unisys
05: IT Core announced their cloud services – $100/month
07: Data Japan has started to provide cloud hosting services with Hyper-V
07: JB Group launched their cloud businesses
08: NEC leverages the sales for cloud software and devices
08: NTT Communication will launch a cloud services as free trial
08: Cyboze announced to collaborate with IIJ
09: MITI of Japanese Government will collect ideas for e-Government
13: NetWorld will dive into the cloud market with Bplats
13: A major common paper ASAHI talked the about cloud
13: NTT focuses on the social infrastructure with clouds
14: Bit Isle announced to provide private cloud services
14: Microsoft’s Future Technology Days in Tokyo with David Chappell
15: NEC opened "Cloud Plaza" in their head quarter
16: Ministry of Internal Affairs and (MIC) reduces 30% of extra budgets
16: The security service market will grow well
16: Special program “Twitter” of NHK
19: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank will employ IBM’s Desktop Cloud Service
20: One day sold out – Hadoop Conference Japan 2009
21: Fujitsu provides SaaS against influenza
21: Linus Torvalds talked in Tokyo
23: Nihon Unisys will launch a datacenter in Sapporo
23: MITI has gotten 220000 page views in a week
24: IIJ Group shakes hands with Citrix
26: NEC will deliver middleware "WebOTX V8.3" for cloud computing
27: Microsoft Japan announced Tech Days 2010
27: Microsoft Japan makes an alliance with IIJ in clouds businesses
27: NS Solutions launches a Web style conference service with V-Cube
28: Startia shakes hands with BrandDialog in SaaS business
29: System Lab shows a trade currency exchange system in IT Expo 09

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Japan Clouds on Sep. 2009

Posted in .Chronicle by Agile Cat on September 30, 2009
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