Agile Cat — Japanese Cloud Trends announced to collaborate with Japanese OEM partners

Posted in Large, SaaS, Salseforce by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company will support OEM partners to develop their cloud applications such as ERP and HR on platform. The some of partners – including NEC, Hitachi Software Engineering, Fujitsu – has already decided into this program. Except CRM application, whole of partners will able to develop their applications on the platform. This program will reduce 50% of development cost and will give five times faster to market, the company added.
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Major Japanese electronic companies focus in cloud BAs

Posted in Industries, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20 – Hitachi introduced a Business Analytics methodology named “Experience Oriented Approach”, since from last August.  With this way, the company consolidated processes and skill needed for agreements with customers, using clouds based on their design teams in home electronics divisions.

In addition,those kinds of BA are used in NEC, Fujitsu and IBM.

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Hitachi Software announced to deliver a cloud service for on-line game

Posted in Hitachi, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on November 11, 2009

Nov.10 – The company announced to deliver a cloud service named “Game Cloud Service” to on-line gave vendors. Same as cloud for businesses, the service will provide some of elastic factors to those vendors, such as CPU, disk, memory and so on. So, with this service, on-line game vendors will be able to support any marketing events as well as reducing initial cost.

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Hitachi enhanced "Harmonious Cloud" as a private cloud solution

Posted in Hitachi, Large, PaaS, Private by Agile Cat on November 3, 2009

Nov.2 – The company enhanced their private cloud solution and PaaS environments of “Harmonious Cloud”. In this new lineup, customers will be able to chose some of vitalization environments consist of Virtage, VMware and Hyper-V. The company recommends Virtage for mission critical purpose, VMware and Hyper-V for legacy OS supports.

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Hitachi Systems and Services launched the customer oriented cloud building businesses

Posted in Large, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 1, 2009

With the new services named “Hybrid Integration”, the company will combine their SaaS service with customer’s specified needs. Moreover, their customers can use Hitachi’s cloud services as the options.

The company has planed to grow their cloud businesses up to one hundred million dollars of sales by 2013.

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