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Japanese Cabinet Office builds a national opinion interview site with cloud

Posted in Government by japanclouds on January 18, 2010

Jan.19 – Cabinet Office utilized the Cloud type service and built the website "Hatoyama" which receives an opinion and proposal to administrative services. Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) which provided service announced on January 19. Hatoyama established on January 18 means a website which invites the opinion on administrative services, and a proposal. A subject, a proposal of a policy, etc. which should tackle for people are received from an individual, NPO and a civilian enterprise company, a municipal corporation, etc.

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Microsoft will provide an another cloud with IIJ?

Posted in Azure, Microsoft, PaaS by Agile Cat on January 12, 2010

Jan.13 – IIJ announced to deliver a cloud server with Windows Server on this May. In this service, Windows Server including Hyper-V will be deployed on IIJ’s GIO, and their customer will be able to configure the elastic cloud with those resources. Microsoft will provide their “Dynamic Datacenter Tool kit” in this service.

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Microsoft Japan makes an aliance with IIJ in clouds businesses

Posted in Azure, Private, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 27, 2009

Oct.27 – IIJ announced to provide Microsoft Hyper-V technologies in their cloud infrastructure named “GIO”, and will start the services with Windows Server 2008 on May 2010. In other hand, Microsoft will start the validation service to IIJ’s customers who will migrate from on-premises to clouds.

IIJ estimates to deliver the services which consist of 4000 Windows Server licenses by May 2013.

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IIJ Group shakes hands with Citrix

Posted in PaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 26, 2009

Oct.26 – The company will provide the virtual desktop and infrastructure solution on their cloud platform named “GIO” on next Feb. A new buzz word DaaS (desktop as a service) is used in this announcement of Citrix Service Provider Program, they signed.

IIJ will also provide XenApp and XenDesktop in GIO environment.

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Cyboze announced to collaborate with IIJ

Posted in SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 8, 2009

Oct.8 – Both of Cyboze and IIJ will collaborate each other in cloud computing field. Cyboze will deploy their SaaS groupware named “Garuune” on IIJ’s cloud computing platform named “IIJGIO”. Also, both of parties will integrate “Garuune” and IIJ’s mail security service named “iiMail Suite”.

Regarding ID management, “iiMail” customers will be able to use current one within “Garrune”.

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IIJ announced their cloud services – $80/month

Posted in PaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 5, 2009

IIJ’s cloud services named “IIJ GIO” was announced Oct.5. As the first phase, the company will launch their private cloud in this Nov and public one in April 2010. Regarding former, there will be three service levels based on CentOS 32bit/64bit.

In those services, open source products are employed so that their customers can save the costs. As the minimum scale, one services will be delivered at $80 per month.

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