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Full recovery of IT market in Japan becomes after the 2013 fiscal year — The influence of Cloud is also restrictive

Posted in Economy by japanclouds on February 4, 2010

As for the result of the investigation conducted in November, 2009, according to the announcement on February 3 of Gartner, IT drive to invest of Japanese companies is still a low stake. And recovery of a drive to invest is carried out if it cannot expect at least 2010. According to prediction of the company, full recovery of IT market in Japan has a high possibility of becoming after the 2013 fiscal year.

The investment in the major company beyond 1,000 employees is decreasing greatly, and that has had big influence also on market size especially in the 2009 fiscal year. Therefore, IT market size in the 2009 fiscal year is seen in the company, if it becomes a decrease of 5.2% compared with last fiscal year and about 1 trillion yen contracts by a pace of expansion.

In addition to the economic growth rate in the last fiscal year, business will begin to recover IT market size in the 2010 fiscal year for a while as of April when the budget for fiscal 2010 will be decided. And it is predicted that the company becomes minus 1.2% by a last-fiscal-year ratio supposing the company which revives a project coming out.

As a topic of IT which attracts attention, "cloud", "information security management and the measure against a disaster recovery", and "server supposition" are mentioned.

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