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Cloud Computing Battle in Japanese Government : It is not a Joke [ #scloud #openmeti ]

Posted in Government, Open Source by japanclouds on February 18, 2010

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) began to invite a public comment last week using Twitter( #scloud ).  As everyone knows, MIC has much administration functions including local government offices. Therefore, the study group for realizing the design named Smart Cloud is already launched in their inside.  The member consists of several scholars, the Tokushima governor, FUJITSU, NTT, IBM Japan, Nihon Unisys, NTT DATA, KDDI, Internet Initiative Japan, Hitachi, NEC, Intel, and Nomura Research Institute.

The propriety to the open source was mainly discussed by the above-mentioned Twitter. That is, it is contrast of the idea which asks for protection of a domestic vendor, and the idea which searches for the productivity for a user. Of course, although the conclusion has not come out, I think that there was a significant argument.

And the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) began to invite a public comment on several using Twitter ( #openmeti ). Several persons including me sent the question why two government offices could not cooperate.  METI has answered "Since we prepare a platform, MIC should approve" to the question. Furthermore, it was said proudly that a 100 million yen budget was added up for this purpose.

Wait just for a moment!  I want to say that it is national cash. Whether MIC will agree or dissent, it is uncertain. Does METI need to appropriate a large amount of budget for such a plan so much?  Although many people have emitted the same question, METI has not answered.

There were two announcements today also. One is a thing from MIC, and the verification for cloud computing for 400 local government offices is referred to as beginning from April. Another is a thing from METI who announced their Online Policy Council of Citizens in English.

However, signs of talking between METI and METI are not visible.

Although both are conscious of the word of being open, aiming at cloud computing, however, there is only the un-open policy in the government.

Major newspaper publishing companies should know such a situation. However, they are keeping silence. 

It was proved that politics and journalism do not exist in Japan.

It is not a joke.


Japanese Cabinet Office builds a national opinion interview site with cloud

Posted in Government by japanclouds on January 18, 2010

Jan.19 – Cabinet Office utilized the Cloud type service and built the website "Hatoyama" which receives an opinion and proposal to administrative services. Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) which provided service announced on January 19. Hatoyama established on January 18 means a website which invites the opinion on administrative services, and a proposal. A subject, a proposal of a policy, etc. which should tackle for people are received from an individual, NPO and a civilian enterprise company, a municipal corporation, etc.

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System Lab shows a trade currency exchange system in IT Expo 09

Posted in Industries, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 31, 2009

Oct.29 – The company shows “International Trading System GX” which collaborates with Salesforce CRM, and creates such as invoices referencing any data from Salesforce. The feature of this service means the automated referencing for currency exchange, because of, the over 350 Japanese trading and industrial businesses have already introduced Salesforce CRM.

The Price of GX minimum set is $17,000.

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Special program “Twitter” of NHK

Posted in Social by Agile Cat on October 19, 2009

Oct.16 – Japanese National TV – NHK – Picked up Twitter and aired a special program as the social movement in also Japanese society. You can watch the program thorough Youtube, however in Japanese. Anyway, Twitter stays and will stay in the Japanese society. NHK gave the required proof.

A major common paper ASAHI talked the about cloud

Posted in Social by Agile Cat on October 13, 2009

Oct.13 – ASAHI introduced the result of IDC’s Cloud Services Forecast that describes the cloud market to achieve 442 billion dollars and 10% of whole IT investing by 2013.

In the Japanese market, it’s very rare that major common paper to focus on such buzz word. Also, the paper picked up some key words such as Amazon EC2/S3, private/public, internal cloud and external cloud and so on.

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NTT Data talked about "Kasumigaseki cloud" and "Local Government Cloud"

Posted in Government, Telecom by Agile Cat on October 1, 2009

The company talked about the framework of Japanese government cloud strategies from their standings. The framework consisted three parts: 1 e-Government, e-Local-Government, Medical, Education and Human Resources. 2 Incubation of Industries and Local Economies. 3 Promotion of Digital Infrastructure for whole fields.

Why NTT Data talks about it like of Japanese government, everybody doesn’t know and knows well.

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Chiba Bank Asset Management estimates the growing of data center businesses

Posted in Data Center, Economy by Agile Cat on September 17, 2009

In weekly reports of Sept.18, the bank resulted that Japanese data center businesses volume at 7.7 billion dollars (13.3% of growth against 2007), and estimated to achieve 12 billion dollars by 2012 (12.7% of average yearly growth).

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NTT Communications will launch their cloud "Biz Mail"

Posted in Large, SaaS, Telecom by Agile Cat on September 14, 2009

NTT Communications will launch a cloud mail services for Japanese enterprises named "Biz Mail" on Oct. 1. In the services, each of users will have the some of facilities including storage between 2GB and 10 GB, mail search, attached files and Web mail. Furthermore, users will be able to access to maps through the clicking addresses in mail body.

The price of this service will be at $7 per month, bit less than Microsoft Exchange Services and others in Japanese market. However, customers who have account numbers under 1000 will need the additional cost. NTT Communication wants have over 100 customers by March end of 2010.

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