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[Column] Revolution of media – A contact point of Electronic Book and Japanese publishing circles

Posted in Publishing, SaaS by japanclouds on February 8, 2010

The "JEPA Japan Electronic Publishing Association" organized by 13 companies of major company publication, such as Kodansha, Shinchosha, and Shogakukan, started deliberations in January of this year, about the full-scale correspondence to electronic publishing. One of members has spoken as follows. "What suited some press reports is not done. That is, we do not block contents. If the talk is settled by a proper rule and rates, contents should be offered positively."

Unlike the U.S., Japan has rule of the market by major company commission, and there are many small bookstores. Therefore, in the case of Japan, probably, a certain relief disposal is needed when shifting to an electron from paper. Amazon Japan aims at the Japanese version service start in Kindle around October, this year. In that case, what do we do with a newspaper world?

Takashi Kawachi

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The motion of the newspaper industry of Japan is actually slow. For example, in the case of Nikkei, charged contents offer was started, but the price is the same thing of 4000 yen as paper. They are wishing it wants without extending the sale of electronic media. That is, it is the postponement in question and the persons in charge of management have escaped from reality.  — A.C.