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Cloud Computing Battle in Japanese Government : It is not a Joke [ #scloud #openmeti ]

Posted in Government, Open Source by japanclouds on February 18, 2010

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) began to invite a public comment last week using Twitter( #scloud ).  As everyone knows, MIC has much administration functions including local government offices. Therefore, the study group for realizing the design named Smart Cloud is already launched in their inside.  The member consists of several scholars, the Tokushima governor, FUJITSU, NTT, IBM Japan, Nihon Unisys, NTT DATA, KDDI, Internet Initiative Japan, Hitachi, NEC, Intel, and Nomura Research Institute.

The propriety to the open source was mainly discussed by the above-mentioned Twitter. That is, it is contrast of the idea which asks for protection of a domestic vendor, and the idea which searches for the productivity for a user. Of course, although the conclusion has not come out, I think that there was a significant argument.

And the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) began to invite a public comment on several using Twitter ( #openmeti ). Several persons including me sent the question why two government offices could not cooperate.  METI has answered "Since we prepare a platform, MIC should approve" to the question. Furthermore, it was said proudly that a 100 million yen budget was added up for this purpose.

Wait just for a moment!  I want to say that it is national cash. Whether MIC will agree or dissent, it is uncertain. Does METI need to appropriate a large amount of budget for such a plan so much?  Although many people have emitted the same question, METI has not answered.

There were two announcements today also. One is a thing from MIC, and the verification for cloud computing for 400 local government offices is referred to as beginning from April. Another is a thing from METI who announced their Online Policy Council of Citizens in English.

However, signs of talking between METI and METI are not visible.

Although both are conscious of the word of being open, aiming at cloud computing, however, there is only the un-open policy in the government.

Major newspaper publishing companies should know such a situation. However, they are keeping silence. 

It was proved that politics and journalism do not exist in Japan.

It is not a joke.


Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs

Posted in Government, Social by japanclouds on February 11, 2010

Local government cloud in Japan is coming to the serious aspect of affairs. It entered by the end of this month, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and each prefecture announced the plan about local government cloud deployment. They show the very useful system on condition of sharing of resources, and are what should be welcomed. However, there is no perfect policy etc. anywhere. Therefore, media need to point out a problem and need to make people think.

I was surprised for me to read the report of Nikkei. It is because the question from media or problem institution do not exist there at all. Japanese people call their country Galapagos masochistically about the market of a cellular phone. Although it is wrong to criticize only media, it cannot be denied that they are also responsible.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will perform the hearing about cloud to people. About it, post is due to be carried out to later. The administrative organization is more sensitive to a computing era than media in Japan.


———–The following makes an extract ———-


Mr. Takachi of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made reference on February 4 about the development experimentation of local government cloud by 6 prefectures 66 cities in 2009. And it explained "Economy of scale is born by each local government sharing a system, and mitigation of the expense burden of computerization can be expected."

Moreover, it goes into the stage which invites a public comment by the end of this month also about "maintenance of an ASP/SaaS introduction guideline", and standardization of the kind and expressive form of data, a character code, an external character, etc. is also advanced. On the other hand, the decision is also advanced about the standard specification of service so that the shift to cloud may not cause vendor lock in.   And the negative view was shown about public cloud’s use by  local government.

The local government cloud and various kinds of ASP/SaaS are employed by "LGWAN" which is the closed network. It is recognition called what is called private cloud there.


In order to pull out a cost merit, administrative organization and private enterprises need to use cloud together, therefore consciousness reform is important. Mr. Yasuhiro Yamato of Oita Prefecture pointed out the subject at the time of a local government using cloud in "all-prefectures CIO forum 2010 spring meeting" held on February 4. Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture install a  local government cloud promotion conference, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications advocates is undertaken.

And a cost merit does not come out in IaaS which only a  local government uses. Administrative organization and private enterprises indicated that consciousness reform of using the same data center is important. Furthermore, there is no resistance to this joint use, and the view that it can promote was shown.


February 4 and Hokkaido announced the outline of local government cloud experimentation via a network. 18 cities, towns and villages in Hokkaido participate in this experiment, and it is provided with data etc. It is due to look for the private entrepreneur for building a system simultaneously, and to contract in April. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications promotes this actual proof experiment. And five prefectures, such as Kyoto and Saga Prefecture, participate besides Hokkaido.  As a budget for that, 370 million yen is added up in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

A standard specification for local government clouds

Posted in Government, Interoperability by Agile Cat on January 12, 2010

Jan.13 – Local Authorities Systems Development Center (LASDEC) made a standard specification for the local government cloud development on last November. It’s a part of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) project, and any developers who want to deliver services to local government offices have to implement the spec.

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Saga prefecture chooses NTT Data

Posted in Government by Agile Cat on December 27, 2009

Dec.28 – The local government office of Saga prefecture chooses NTT Data Kyushu as a contractor of their cloud application development experimentation. There were three candidates in this general competitive bidding, and NTT Data got five millions dollar of budgets. The local government projects has been promoted by MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs), and will be shared by cities and towns in the prefectures.

Other than Saga, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Oita, Miyazaki and Tokushima are going to the experimentation.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) goes forward with clouds

Posted in Government, Social by Agile Cat on December 9, 2009

Dec.9 – MIC announced to promote the cloud strategy to whole of local government systems, and will plot out the guidance for security issues next year. In the current those systems with 8 million dollars of management cost per year, the whole of private data are in the LAN of local offices. After the moving to clouds, it will be stored in data center at the out side of government office, so the guidance should be plotted out.

With this project, the government will reduce 30% of costs.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will reduce the cost with cloud

Posted in Government by Agile Cat on November 11, 2009

Nov.10 – MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ) launched a committee for utilizing broadband network infrastructure.  Japan has the great network infrastructure, however, it isn’t utilized any fields including government, education, medical and so on.  Furtherer, the association announced to take place an experimentation of cloud next year.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and (MIC) reduces 30% of extra budgets

Posted in Economy, Government by Agile Cat on October 16, 2009

Oct.16 – The new administration has reviewed whole of extra budget that is offered by the former administration. Regarding the budget of MIC, 1.3 billion dollars – 30% of whole – will be reduced.

There are some changes for also budget of Cloud Computing. 10 million of cloud test bed construction budget is disappeared. However, budgets for local governments and for security will stay without changes.

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