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Where does Ray Ozzie lead Microsoft?

Posted in Azure, Interoperability, Microsoft, Open Source, Public by japanclouds on February 20, 2010

What does Ray Ozzie consider?

Ray Ozzie

Do you remember the keynote of Microsoft Professional Developer Conference(PDC) 2009 held in Los Angeles in November, 2009?  In this keynote, Rey Ozzie who is CSA (Chief Software Architect: president software designer) of the company explained the situation and plan of Windows Azure. It is orderly logic so that it may be usual, and it seems to have obtained an understanding of audiences. However, he sent the message to collaborate with open source products. It surprised all the people and made vague expectation hold.

The following logos are projected on the screen of a PDC keynote. Then, Ray Ozzie invited Matt Mullenweg of WordPress on the stage. And, there was the demonstration which deploys WordPress to Windows Azure. In the demonstration of this WordPress, it is displayed to the message that MySQL and Apache are prepared for the polite thing. Where is Rey Ozzie’s intention?

OSS logos

For the leaders of the company to send a certain message about a theme called the open source in Microsoft which everyone’s has watched interestingly is that it is very exceptional. Steve Ballmer visited Japan early in November, and played the keynote speaker of Microsoft Developer Forum. However, he did not touch on an open source at all.

On the other hand, the engineers of the company are seen as if they were asking for interoperability with an open source. First, PHP SDK for Windows Azure in Codeplex was announced around May, last year. It is an open source project which ties up PHP developers and Windows Azure, and is a part of the interoperability which Microsoft commits. Then, Azure Team announced Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse late in October in front of PDC. Furthermore, Simon Davies introduced Ruby on Rails, as an open source project on Windows Azure late of November.

Here, I will return to the PDC keynote of Ray Ozzie. He projected the above mentioned logos on the screen, and hinted TomCat running on the demonstration of WordPress. However, he is not explaining positioning of those open sources in Windows Azure Platform. Furthermore, Codeplex which is an open source repository, and each engineers’ blog are private for Microsoft. That is, although the pliability of Windows Azure was proved by engineers, this directivity may tone down.

The great transformation of Microsoft

I think that there are three big points of argument in present Microsoft. 1) Microsoft should maintain the present profit profile which consists of software package products. 2) The company should make the new profit profile which consists of on-line services. 3) The company should make public cloud who cooperated with the open source. The last one is an excessive actual theory. Needless to say, the pillars of the profit of Microsoft are packages, such as a Windows client, Office, Windows Server and SQL Server. And it seems that the sales by on-line services, such as BPOS, are less than 1% of the whole.


Should Microsoft be converted into the business centering on service in such a situation?  Is essentially this conversion required?  Probably, the leaders of Redmond have repeated such self-question answering themselves like every day. However, the user is honest. And the market is cool. Remember the determination of a Los Angeles city at the end of last year. In this city, as a result of examining 14 kinds of candidates about the application with which 34,000 city personnel are provided, Google Apps was chosen. Microsoft Office is given to the personnel engaged in creative work. And Google Apps can be given to a great portion of personnel.

If you are an employee of Microsoft which lives in a Los Angeles city, is judgment of such administration refuted?  Probably, applause should be sent from a taxpayer’s position. And commoditization of IT is not having restricted to administration and there is same tendency also in private enterprises. Remember that the news that the Panasonic group shifted to Lotus Live enlivened the space of each media even in Japan. That is, when a large-scale organization provides all the personnel with PC, the user corresponding to the price of Windows 7 or Microsoft Office will become a minority group.

The price of Windows 7 Ultimate in the United States is 319.99 dollars, and the price of a notebook PC called Mini10 of DELL which run Ubuntu is 299 dollars. The leaders of Redmond should face this reality squarely. An organization like a Los Angeles city gives the personnel PC of 300 dollars or less, is paying Google the countervalue of a small sum, and will complete the investment of most. As everyone knows, the measure of the profitability of an enterprise system is the cost effectiveness. Therefore, all the enterprises take in cloud computing and Microsoft is also following in footsteps using Azure.

Observe the keynote of Tech-Days 2010 in Tokyo

Is charm felt for this company if Microsoft does not have Windows Azure?  If such a question is carried out, most people will answer it as no. Windows Azure is expected as a pillar which bears the future of Microsoft. However, if interoperability with an open source is not taken in when promoting cloud computing, the market size will be restricted by itself.  The idea of Ray Ozzie and members of Azure team is removing old restrictions of all Microsoft products and accepting an open source.

Tech-Days 2010 will be held in Tokyo at next week. You should observe the message about interoperability with an open source in the keynote. The future of Windows Azure and Microsoft should be able to be divined by whether it is forward or retreated compared with PDC.

Akihiro Oba who’s an officer of Microsoft and Developer & Platform Director will be on the keynote stage. From Redmond, Steve Marks, the technical strategist for Windows Azure, will participate as a demonstrator. The logo of the open source camp which Ray Ozzie showed by PDC should be shown once again. Many people desire explanation about the open source correspondence for these three months.

James Hamilton who wrote the paper which was excellent about the container data center has pointed out private cloud’s nonsensicalness by the own blog just recently (Private Clouds Are Not The Future). For example, there was no vendor which is easier to sell the imperfect product like a private cloud construction kit than Microsoft. However, Microsoft has raised Azure, without carrying out it. I wish Microsoft making public cloud successful.

Also for the reason, Microsoft should tell a Japanese developer and a Japanese user Rey Ozzie’s message, the necessity of interoperability with an open source. It does not only remain in Japan, but becomes the voice which support Rey Ozzie who promotes an unprecedented great transformation, and should be fed back also to Redmond.

Microsoft of Japan should support your wonderful chief architect strongly. It will be allowed even if an outsider like me approves of the message which the chief architect of Microsoft emitted.


NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS

Posted in Microsoft, NEC, SaaS, Small-Middle by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – According to the announcement of NEC, the cloud service "BPOS" which Microsoft provides will be cooperated in the business by the sale for a small-scale company and SOHO.  BPOS is the service which includes four functions, such as Exchange Online, to the set among the on-line services for companies of "Microsoft Online Services", and 10 dollars in a month per one user is possible for it.

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Panasonic changes from Microsoft Exchange to IBM LotusLive

Posted in IBM, Large, Microsoft, SaaS by Agile Cat on January 15, 2010

Jan.15 – Panasonic will abandon Microsoft Exchange and go to IBM’s cloud-based LotusLive email and collaboration systems across worldwide operations. About 100,000 employees will be included in the initial migration, eventually expanding to more than 300,000 workers, partners, and suppliers. Financial terms were not disclosed. It’s a big news in also Japanese market.
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Microsoft will provide an another cloud with IIJ?

Posted in Azure, Microsoft, PaaS by Agile Cat on January 12, 2010

Jan.13 – IIJ announced to deliver a cloud server with Windows Server on this May. In this service, Windows Server including Hyper-V will be deployed on IIJ’s GIO, and their customer will be able to configure the elastic cloud with those resources. Microsoft will provide their “Dynamic Datacenter Tool kit” in this service.

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A Happy New Year

Posted in .Chronicle by Agile Cat on January 1, 2010

Thanks to your accesses. I did some of experimentations in 2009, and will drive it more in 2010. There are some English posts in a related site Agile_Cat Azure & Hadoop, so I introduce those at blow. Please enjoy!

Microsoft PDC09 Keynote 1 – Wrapping Up
MapReduce in DryadLINQ
Overview of Hadoop Conference 2009 in Japan – English Edition
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Yano Research expects the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market

Posted in Economy, Private by Agile Cat on December 21, 2009

Dec.21 – The Researcher talked about the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market that will would achieve to 8 billions on 2115. In the report of Yano, the market scale of 2009 means 1.5 billion, and it will grow quickly on 2010, and will get 4 billions on 2113. To against with world wide large cloud providers such as, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Japanese cloud providers will aim to get the private cloud customers, the researcher added.

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Toshiba Solution will go to Azure with CMS

Posted in Azure, Industries, Large, Toshiba by Agile Cat on November 24, 2009

Nov.24 – The company announced to provide CMS(Content Management System) for news paper industry with Microsoft Japan. In this agreement, Toshiba Solution will use SharePoint Server 2007 and Office 2007 to provide the system named “PressSTREAM DynamicCMS”.  In future, it will got to Azure, the company added.

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MapReduce in Microsoft’s DryadLINQ

Posted in Azure, Hadoop by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server with the DryadLINQ Framework
John Vert in 408A on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Come get an overview of the DryadLINQ features and runtime environment, and walk through some real-world examples of DryadLINQ programs based on the familiar declarative syntax of LINQ combined with the fault-tolerant distributed graph scheduling of the Dryad runtime. Hear how DryadLINQ provides a programming model and runtime for data-parallel programs running across large clusters and partitioned data sets.

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Microsoft PDC09 Keynote 1 – Wrapping Up

Posted in Azure, Events by Agile Cat on November 17, 2009

Today’s keynote is with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia and we expect Microsoft to announce an Internet Explorer 9 technology preview as part of the keynote announcements. We’ve teamed up with a number of well known Microsoft bloggers to blog the Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes. The live blogging will include Ed Bott, Kip Kniskern, Long Zheng, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera and myself Tom Warren.

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Microsoft Japan makes an aliance with IIJ in clouds businesses

Posted in Azure, Private, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 27, 2009

Oct.27 – IIJ announced to provide Microsoft Hyper-V technologies in their cloud infrastructure named “GIO”, and will start the services with Windows Server 2008 on May 2010. In other hand, Microsoft will start the validation service to IIJ’s customers who will migrate from on-premises to clouds.

IIJ estimates to deliver the services which consist of 4000 Windows Server licenses by May 2013.

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Microsoft Japan announced Tech Days 2010

Posted in Azure, Events by Agile Cat on October 27, 2009

Oct.27 – The company announced to take place the Japanese PDC named "Microsoft Tech Days 2010" next Feb in Tokyo. It will be consisted of essential PDC 2009 sessions and  Japanese sessions, I think. Windows Azure production model will be unveil soon also in here!

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Microsoft’s Future Technology Days in Tokyo with David Chappell

Posted in Azure, Events by Agile Cat on October 14, 2009

Oct.14 – According to a blog of famous Japanese evangelist Shinichiro Isago, Microsoft Japan took place the Windows Azure conference for developers rather than customers. The company invited David Chappell as the key note speaker who’s a writer of Azure white paper series.

After the key note, a collaboration model of Azure and Twitter was demonstrated by Japanese software vendor.

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Data Japan has started to provide cloud hosting services with Hyper-V

Posted in PaaS, Private, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on October 5, 2009

The company starts the new business “Virtual Web” today that consists of Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2. In this service, their customers will be able to use virtualized environment with more cheaper costs against on-premises one.

Also, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Parallels Plesk Control panel are provided as the potions.

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Cyboze and Microsoft Japan will deliver a new group ware

Posted in Azure, SaaS, Small-Middle by Agile Cat on September 27, 2009

Both parties signed on the alliance Sept.28, and will go forward to deliver a new group ware based on SharePoint Server by early 2010. The new business of Cyboze focus on the enterprise customers, as a kind of SaaS. Microsoft Japan will support Cyboze, as a reinforcement of their partnership.

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