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Will Nagasaki provide their government cloud to other prefectures?

Posted in Government, Private by Agile Cat on January 13, 2010

Jan.13 – Nagasaki prefecture announced to provide their local government cloud system to other prefectures. The prefecture has started to use their original cloud system since from last month, and, for instance, the system has been used by Omura city in Nagasaki. In this project, other prefectures or any cities will be able to use it as a service hosted by Nagasaki.
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Nagasaki Prefecture announced to introduce electronic application procedures as a cloud

Posted in Government by Agile Cat on December 16, 2009

Dec.17 – The local government of Nagasaki Prefecture announced to start a cloud service that will provide electronic application procedures.  In the government, an experimentation of cloud civil services were driven, and some of results have just started. It means the first runner in whole of Japanese governments.

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