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NEC BIGLOBE considers the integration of 3G and WiMAX for cloud terminals

Posted in Google, Mobile, NEC by japanclouds on February 2, 2010

NEC BIGLOBE (BIGLOBE) will put on the cloud terminal into the market which carries Android OS, and will start offer the communications service for these terminals, and application / contents service. The company is using the vertical integration type business model which ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) is one-stop, and provides with hardware, communications service, and application itself. It will sell with the whole cloud terminal enterprise in 2012, and raising into 10 billion yen business is a target further.

NEC BIGLOBE plans the service deployment which employed efficiently vertical integration type advantages, such as cooperation with the service provided for personal computers, such as an E-mail and a photograph share, and form of use of setting needlessness.  It says, "The profit by sale of a terminal is not expected so much" (Yoshikiyo Yamamoto manager of BIGLOBE   personal operation division  ). It is the purpose of the company to raise rather the profit by a terminal, the communications service provided by a set, and the platform service for an application or contents offer as a pillar of big business.

The feature of this new service is in the communications service which BIGLOBE provides, and a cloud terminal is due to correspond to wireless LAN, the 3rd generation mobile communications (3G), and three kinds of communication lines of WiMAX. About 3G and WiMAX which will mainly be used by a place where one has gone, BIGLOBE serves as MVNO (virtual mobile phone service company), and is considering the service which can use the direction which 3G and WiMAX tend to use according to use environment.

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NEC will provide the introduction support service for Microsoft’s BPOS

Posted in Microsoft, NEC, SaaS, Small-Middle by japanclouds on January 25, 2010

Jan.25 – According to the announcement of NEC, the cloud service "BPOS" which Microsoft provides will be cooperated in the business by the sale for a small-scale company and SOHO.  BPOS is the service which includes four functions, such as Exchange Online, to the set among the on-line services for companies of "Microsoft Online Services", and 10 dollars in a month per one user is possible for it.

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NEC will get 77 millions from the market

Posted in Economy, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on December 18, 2009

Dec.18 – The company announced to get 77 millions by December 24, because of, Daiwa Security SMB accepted the allocation of new stocks to a third party. NEC will also promote the capital increase by public offering, and will have over 1 billion of budget for cloud computing, next generation network, green technologies and so on.

It’s a big Xmas present to the company.

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NEC BIGLOBE will start a cloud device and services business with Android

Posted in Google, Large, Mobile, NEC by Agile Cat on December 17, 2009

Dec.17 – The company announced to start “cloud device and services business” which include Android, network connection and content services. This business will launch on 2010 and then will grow one million dollars by 2012, the company said. Regarding the device for Android, Camangi of Taiwan will deliver seven inch touch panel one.

Moreover, NEC Bi globe will launch an application distributed service named “Android Navi” on Jan.20101.
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NEC will provide "WebSAM" to the cloud market

Posted in Data Center, Large, Management, NEC by Agile Cat on December 16, 2009

Dec.16 – The company announced to enhance their total management product named “WebSAM Ver.8” to the data center market. It will provide the real time monitoring for databases and applications, including “WebSAM MCOperations”, “WebSAM Invariant Analyzer” and  “WebSAM Application Navigator”. Moreover, with “WebSAM AssetSuite”, the inventory management will also be supported.

J <> announced to collaborate with Japanese OEM partners

Posted in Large, SaaS, Salseforce by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company will support OEM partners to develop their cloud applications such as ERP and HR on platform. The some of partners – including NEC, Hitachi Software Engineering, Fujitsu – has already decided into this program. Except CRM application, whole of partners will able to develop their applications on the platform. This program will reduce 50% of development cost and will give five times faster to market, the company added.
J <> gives pressure to Japanese System Integrators

Posted in, PaaS, SaaS by Agile Cat on December 15, 2009

Dec.15 – The company announced to launch their OEM program that will provide platform to Japanese major system integrators. In present, there are eleven partners including NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Software Engineering and so on. In other hand, it gives the very strong presser to Japanese System integrators, and will accelerate the moving to cloud in Japanese market.

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Major Japanese electronic companies focus in cloud BAs

Posted in Industries, Large by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20 – Hitachi introduced a Business Analytics methodology named “Experience Oriented Approach”, since from last August.  With this way, the company consolidated processes and skill needed for agreements with customers, using clouds based on their design teams in home electronics divisions.

In addition,those kinds of BA are used in NEC, Fujitsu and IBM.

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BIGLOBE launches cloud mobile infrastructure services

Posted in Large, NEC, SaaS by Agile Cat on November 18, 2009

Nov.19 – BIGLOBE NEC has just launched the cloud services names “Mobizo” that provides strategy planning, site building and monitoring with the cost of initial $9000 and $900 per month. In this service, any contents providers will be able to deliver music, movie and so on.

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NEC announced to get the capital increase by public offering for clouds

Posted in Economy, Industries, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on November 6, 2009

Nov.6 – The company officially announced to get the capital increase up to 1.5 billion dollars by public offering, and will invest it to their growing fields such as cloud computing. 500 hundreds million will be spent to the clouds, and 200 million for lithium ion electric car battery, the company added.

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NEC will deliver middleware "WebOTX V8.3" for cloud computing

Posted in Large, NEC, PaaS by Agile Cat on October 26, 2009

Oct.26 – The company explained about some of enhanced points including (1) more manageability and efficiency of batch processing, (2) modifying of service integration abilities among other products, (3) more suitable licensing style for clouds.

In this license style, customers will save 36% of costs against to current prices.

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NEC opened "Cloud Plaza" in their head quarter

Posted in Large, NEC, PaaS, SaaS by Agile Cat on October 15, 2009

Oct.15 – The company launched “Cloud Plaza”, and will demonstrate the real environment of cloud computing to their customers, including SaaS and so on. The company announced to reconstruction of any divisions for the cloud shift last April. In the drastic management, a hundred thousand employees will change their positions each other.

NEC wants to reduce 20% of labor cost by 2012.

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NEC leverages the sales for cloud software and devices

Posted in Data Center, PaaS by Agile Cat on October 8, 2009

Oct.8 – NEC announced the development plan of IT peripheral devices for next three years. The company has focused on the growth of cloud computing, and will address to sell software and devices for datacenter utilizing.

As the first phase of new businesses, the company will deliver a management software that can reduces the failing detection time by ninety percent maximum.

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Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) developed a SaaS system with NEC

Posted in Government, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on September 2, 2009

JA is the very large association, and has a business network that over all of Japanese agricultural field. NEC announced that association has started the network system which can be used in any JA shops.

The business of JA groups consisted of bank / insurance / sales/ purchasing, and any subsidiaries issued each of point system so far. The system integrates whole of point systems into same environments.

By the end of 2009, seven prefecture offices of JA will join into this system, and forty prefecture and five million members of JA will join by 2012.

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