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NRI invests 20 billion yen into their new cloud data center

Posted in Data Center, Large by japanclouds on January 28, 2010

Jan.28 – Nomura Research Institute (NRI) announced building the new data center in Tama-city, Tokyo from which it becomes the 5th place in domestic and it turns into the 4th place in a metropolitan area. It becomes a base of the outsourcing enterprise to expand, and is utilized as a core base of the Cloud service.  The construction of a new data center is 19,496.3 square meters. The total floor area becomes a scale exceeding the "second data center of Yokohama" (15,888 square meters of total floor area) built in 2007. Thereby, as for the total floor area of all the data centers of NRI, the increase in about 30 percent is expected. NRI invests about 20 billion yen in construction of this new data center, and is planning the completion by March, 2013.

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Only five vendors grew in 2008

Posted in Economy, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 1, 2009

The almost Japanese large vendors slide down in 2008, however only five vendors who are Fujitsu / NTT Data / HP Japan / CTC / NRI grew their businesses. Common trends of those companies means the concentration on project, design and outsourcing.

The depression has gone through also 2009, and every Japanese vendors expect to go forward with cloud computing.

—- IDG Japan Reports — Sept.2

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