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Full recovery of IT market in Japan becomes after the 2013 fiscal year — The influence of Cloud is also restrictive

Posted in Economy by japanclouds on February 4, 2010

As for the result of the investigation conducted in November, 2009, according to the announcement on February 3 of Gartner, IT drive to invest of Japanese companies is still a low stake. And recovery of a drive to invest is carried out if it cannot expect at least 2010. According to prediction of the company, full recovery of IT market in Japan has a high possibility of becoming after the 2013 fiscal year.

The investment in the major company beyond 1,000 employees is decreasing greatly, and that has had big influence also on market size especially in the 2009 fiscal year. Therefore, IT market size in the 2009 fiscal year is seen in the company, if it becomes a decrease of 5.2% compared with last fiscal year and about 1 trillion yen contracts by a pace of expansion.

In addition to the economic growth rate in the last fiscal year, business will begin to recover IT market size in the 2010 fiscal year for a while as of April when the budget for fiscal 2010 will be decided. And it is predicted that the company becomes minus 1.2% by a last-fiscal-year ratio supposing the company which revives a project coming out.

As a topic of IT which attracts attention, "cloud", "information security management and the measure against a disaster recovery", and "server supposition" are mentioned.

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Yano Research expects the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market

Posted in Economy, Private by Agile Cat on December 21, 2009

Dec.21 – The Researcher talked about the future growth of Japanese Cloud Market that will would achieve to 8 billions on 2115. In the report of Yano, the market scale of 2009 means 1.5 billion, and it will grow quickly on 2010, and will get 4 billions on 2113. To against with world wide large cloud providers such as, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Japanese cloud providers will aim to get the private cloud customers, the researcher added.

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NEC will get 77 millions from the market

Posted in Economy, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on December 18, 2009

Dec.18 – The company announced to get 77 millions by December 24, because of, Daiwa Security SMB accepted the allocation of new stocks to a third party. NEC will also promote the capital increase by public offering, and will have over 1 billion of budget for cloud computing, next generation network, green technologies and so on.

It’s a big Xmas present to the company.

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Equinix Japan changed the sales estimation to go to up

Posted in Data Center, Economy by Agile Cat on November 20, 2009

Nov. 20 – The company changed their sales estimation of 2009 to over 10%, because of, the demand to data center is growing in here. Regarding the world wide market estimation, it will be 25% growing, they said. Especially, in the financial, telecom and Web contents market, high growing will be expected.

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NEC announced to get the capital increase by public offering for clouds

Posted in Economy, Industries, Large, NEC by Agile Cat on November 6, 2009

Nov.6 – The company officially announced to get the capital increase up to 1.5 billion dollars by public offering, and will invest it to their growing fields such as cloud computing. 500 hundreds million will be spent to the clouds, and 200 million for lithium ion electric car battery, the company added.

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Fujitsu aims the hybrid new businesses

Posted in Economy, Fujitsu, Large, Private, Public by Agile Cat on November 3, 2009

Nov.2 – Yamamoto who’s VP of system products division said “The private means on-premises and public means clouds” in the announcement of their new infrastructure products for the private.  According to the investigation of Fujitsu, 1.3% of cloud against whole of IT in 2008, and it will be 20.1% in 2015. In other word, 80% of on-premises will remain in the market, furthermore, a lot of services form clouds will be inserted into the private and on-premises. It will make a seamless connections among these three. In the business model of Fujitsu, the private will be dealt, as on-premises, he added.

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The security service market will grow well

Posted in Economy, Telecom by Agile Cat on October 18, 2009

Oct.15 – IDG Japan announced a sales prospecting for security service market of national telecommunication fields. In this report, the scale of the market will grow up to 3 billion dollars – 20% growth against to the previous year.

By the end of 2013, this market will achieve to 5 billion dollars, IDG Japan said.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs and (MIC) reduces 30% of extra budgets

Posted in Economy, Government by Agile Cat on October 16, 2009

Oct.16 – The new administration has reviewed whole of extra budget that is offered by the former administration. Regarding the budget of MIC, 1.3 billion dollars – 30% of whole – will be reduced.

There are some changes for also budget of Cloud Computing. 10 million of cloud test bed construction budget is disappeared. However, budgets for local governments and for security will stay without changes.

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Fujitsu reconstructed industrial divisions

Posted in Economy, Industries, Large by Agile Cat on September 23, 2009

The company moved their 400 of engineers into subsidiaries so that the group can get power of specialized industrial fields. With the reconstruction, Fujitsu will focus also on the cloud computing.

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Chiba Bank Asset Management estimates the growing of data center businesses

Posted in Data Center, Economy by Agile Cat on September 17, 2009

In weekly reports of Sept.18, the bank resulted that Japanese data center businesses volume at 7.7 billion dollars (13.3% of growth against 2007), and estimated to achieve 12 billion dollars by 2012 (12.7% of average yearly growth).

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Only five vendors grew in 2008

Posted in Economy, Large, Social by Agile Cat on September 1, 2009

The almost Japanese large vendors slide down in 2008, however only five vendors who are Fujitsu / NTT Data / HP Japan / CTC / NRI grew their businesses. Common trends of those companies means the concentration on project, design and outsourcing.

The depression has gone through also 2009, and every Japanese vendors expect to go forward with cloud computing.

—- IDG Japan Reports — Sept.2

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